Conclave Review

ok so I have to admit I'm in mixed feelings about Conclave. I mean it was fun and all but I think I came outta it with one less friend and another that I think we were a little confused about where we were??it was all very confusing and the total lack of sleep did NOT help!!(2 days without sleep does not do good things??(but hey I did win $25 bucks!!!yeah me!!!)and between no sleep, people asking other people out and guys (WITH GIRLFRIENDS) all over me!!!(that was not nice??and then guys with no girlfriend (cuz all they want is FWB!!!until of course they meet someone a little closer to them and then all of sudden it like FWB!!nah..Ill just go out wit her!!!!!!!!!!!!!)and me annoyed????never!!!!but in the end review of it all ...lemmy put it this way...I'm definitely going next year!!yeah it was fun!!


PS:the Mr. Beautiful contest was GREAT!!!!!!lol the guy that won...I swear it was I girl!!!(even after he won!!!)lol it was great you guys...erica thanks for convincing me to come!!luv!


OMG!!there is soo much homework(h/w)and that totally y I haven't had time to put in any new blocs but I've just been soo busy!!but you know I think that while I have about I minute or so or time out I'm gonna change around the look of my site and I'm planning on starting up another site, of pictures cues I seriously have SOHO may(I don't just mean current pictures but like I'm gonna put in every picture I have in my house so then I can like preserve them forever on a website. you know isn't the web an amazing thing!I mean I t just holds so MUCH information and it just always seem to have room for more?not to be the pessimist in the room but do you eva wonder if mayb one day it'll just run outta room??thats a little scary to think about!!you know I always start out my blocs on one thing and end up on a totally different thing!!go figure??


PS: Vote for lost the one at


While walking home from school today, a thought struck me**BANG**
How can we determine each persons individual personality???(ie:funny, happy, sad, stressed, ect...)Isn't everybody opinion of others biased because of their own interpretation????

I do realize that I'm not explaining this concept of mine very well, but Ill try to give you an example.

~~~A person with a "Happy and Joyous" Personality(ie. Finds happiness in most things they do, is generally happy, doesn't get upset too easily)(by the way this is what I'm usually called)may consider a serious person to have a "VERY Serious"and maybe even "un-happy"Personality. But that's not necessarily the case, that just how the happy person interprets it!!!

Are you beginning to see what I mean????(by the way if your totally lost but want to figure it out please leave a comment and id be happy to explain it to you!!!!!!

***END OF THOUGHT***(just to clarify)

ok well that was I big part of my day!!!!


Oh by the way if your in for a good laugh(at me) check out, go to the "home"heading and click on the "Journalism Class" link, you can watch me make a fool of myself as the anchor!!(but please keep in mind the it was the very first one(the one where I'm the anchor)so its not that great!!!!!)

Not looking for Redemption!!!

now i cant be ieve im saying this over the world wide web but this has been bugging me for ever!!!!!!
i was in a store the other day(and believe me im totally not racisist)but i saw a white girl(sorry i dont know how to spell cauchasion???)and a black guy just walking together(they were probably just friends)and and for a split second i had a double take!!!i saw it and i was like huh???them together??and then it was gone and i tottaly relised how wrong i was to even think it at all!!!!!and then it stuck with me and its still with me now and im not looking for forgivness becuase i now wut i thought cannot be forgiven(and i say thought becuz thats all it was and id never do anything to anyone???and now that ive told 'you the readers' all this ill try not to think of it ever again!!!!)and i starting to hate myself for even thinking it!!and ahhhhh i dont know wut to do??but i will figure it out!

PS gooe luck tomorrow vanessa!!!!!(on the test!!)
and ERICA!!!wow we're gonna have so much fun at conclave!!!!!!!

Hokey Pokey!!


What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about??

ok im done with the philisophical thinking for today(phew that was exahusting!!)but i saw that as a bumper sticker yesterday(yes yes im sorry i didnt think of that all by myself??so sorry but i still felt you all had to know??)and it occured to me that what if this bumper speaks the truth??i mean if you think about it, ***what if the Hokey Pokey really is what its all about***, the world would be a much happier place!!!

Example:"you put your right hand in, you take your right hand out, you put your right hand it, and you shake it all about!!!"(you can put the tune in yourself if you want too??)

>>>>well this is just saying that you shouldnt get your hand in other peoples buisness, and always keep some connection to your outside world(dont be secluded!!dont be by your self), always keep one hand in the worlds affairs and sometimes you gotta shake everything around(keep things interesting!!!)<<<<

Example:"You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around( or about)!!That's what its all about!!!"

>>>>sure sometimes you have to get some perspective on whats going on around you, but other times you just gotta let loose and do the Hokey Pokey!!!(dont care what other people think about you!!)<<<<

and finally you just do it all over again!!!keep life interesting, but also have a little idea of whats coming(**hmmmm i dont know what hand or foot its gonna be next, but at least im prepared for it!!!I know what im gonna have to do!!)

well i think my meaning of life brain cells are all worn out for the moment(note i didnt say today!!!just for the MOMENT)so ill finish this one off with



PS check out my friends blogs:

Brianna, and AZN Princess



i no some poeple would call me obsessive for making entry after entry and addmitedly it would make more sense to just add them all together but then i couldn't have all the fun titles i have!!


i dread the thought of having to move!!im 16 now and ive been in the same house my entire life. i no that to many this can sound odd to others it normal to have the one house ur whole life and for it to alwayz be in the family.personally i like the second one better!!i do have friends though that tend to disagree, one says that she gets bored and would get bored if she had to live in the same house year after year??if i had to move it would take me soooo long to pack it all up!!life would just be a lot easier if i just didnt move!!!

ok so i have a friend and he said this **one thing** to me that i dont want to accept but i think i have to, but i guess i will if i ever wanna keep someone???

he said and i quote "well you know what you gotta do to keep someone at our age[16]"

ME:"no but im sure your gonna tell me?"

"learn to open wide"

~~~~~~~~ now for my quicker readers i no you all get it (and for the slower ones ill give you a hint:he didnt mean my mouth!!)and im 16!!!!maybe im living in the past but i think im too young~~~~~~~~~

and when i said this too him he replies

"well my girlfriend wasn't too young"(btw she's 14)("going on 15 real soon" she says!!!)

just to give you some context:he had this life lesson(as he calls it )conversation with me just after i told him about my fiasco with HIM(remeber HIM???~~if not read previous entries~~starting september 13 2003)i was a little shocked but then agian also not too much because i mean i hate to say it but when he told me that every guy thinks about it i wasnt surprized??please people (that is if i have any readers lol)give me some feedback into this please (guy or girl i dont care???)


ok so i was watching the tube(you know the thing that will eventually take over the world , thats if it hasn't already!!!LOL) and i this mc Donalds commercial came on and usually i try to ignore them cuz ewwww gross food!!nywayz!!i was wactching it and it was the one with the guy sitting on the bench in the park with the french fries. ive already seen this ad about 5 times so i no whats gonna happen so i just sorta blackly stared at the screen waiting for my show to come back on (Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!!!!! love it!!!)and something catches my eye!!

what is it you ask???

its some writing on the bench the guy is sitting on!!it says :

so now im facinated!!hmmm yet another brain wasing tactic???intrige us and then when we type it in we get directed to a mc donalds site????
its a site and i found it really quite frightening??i didn't really like it at all but i just thought i should let you all know!!u know let the "public" so to speak know??

well its for the brave, i think, but check it out?!?!?!



i am quite sick today so i think im gonna keep this short sweet and too the point
im sick!!


PS the guy...yeah he "hasnt checked his email"

and : is it ever possible to not know someone???you hear poeple say i think ill no **this person** for ever, but dosnt that just suggest the opisite too that there are people out there who you'll stop knowing???i mean sure you can lose touch with people and and not see them for a while but in the end you still know of thier existance(or if you think really hard you can think bout them). and even if they die, you still knew them, you still knew of thier existance!!...***...***... isnt funny the expressions we have in english???

I have to give thanks!

i absolutly have to thank my good friend vanessa (who's blog link you can find to ur right)becuase she helped me set this blog up so much!!she gave me the guest book and the comments option(which i hope you all use!!!)and the counter!!she gave me so much!!and not only has she helped me figure out everything with my blog, she also helped me so much with all the problems ive had involving the issues in the blogs and so i just have to give

ok so the guy who i asked the question to has not yet answered but i think i no the answer(or some possible answers)(and he may read this blog so he may even take some of my answers and throw them back at me ;and if he does i want him to no he would b an asshole for doing that!!if ur gonna reject me at least get ur own reasons!!!!)


2)ur just too good of a friend

3)im with someone else(which to the best of my knowledge hes not)(but i think he will be soon( not me)becuase i dont think he can breath too well on his own, he needs to breath used air if you no wut i mean)

4)i dont want to ruin wut we have

5)ur not my type(if anybody ever tried that on me id kill them !!!)(but then i wouldn't really b anybody's type??;id be a pysyco killers type??)

and im sure that all my readers can think of endless more (come on we've all got them b4, and if not , we've seen plenty on movies)
now im sure some of you may b wondering y ive had various well 'mood swings' toward (and away from)this paticular person. well my friends have played a big part in my feelings toward him, if i introduced him to a friend and she didnt like him then i would start to rethink my feelings toward him. and i one paticular situation, i introduced him to a friend(meaghan)and he seemed to like her more than he did me (i dont mean romantically but just as a person)(**he liked her??!!!**i dont think he did???)and being my good friend and noing of my feeling toward him she backed off and didnt encourage this!!(thank you)
when i told her wut i had done she said he was gonna say no
i was like huh????you think he'll say no and now im am where i am and now im waiting???just waiting???



so i was reading the blog 'eat purple crayons' and the writer was brave enuf to face to her fears, be prepared for denile and ask the guy to go to spring formal(i think it was) with her, he said yes and it was just terrific just to read it!!!it made me think that if she could do it so could i!!!so i did!
i asked the guy if he wanted to go out with me(and i no to many poeple that dosnt sound to hard but i guess i just skipped that chapter about being a teenager???) and i still gotta wait for the response and it so unbelivably hard!!!!so still waiting
still waiting
still waiting!!!
GOD youd think he could make a decision faster than 5 seconds!!LOL(sorry i try to avoid serious or stressful things with humour??)
k well the suspense is gonna kill me so im gonna try to get some sleep!!


do you ever notice how in the movies something always happens??like its not just people living like the rest of the world does but stuff happens(ex:people change school, they ask other people out?, they get feelings hurt/healed, ect.)they never just live??but they react to some life altering event!!!its a little depressing because lets ay you wanna something to happen to you that happened in amovie(and i mean who dosnt??)but it's not possible unless you change your life, and even then you cant change how other people are gonna react(they dont have pre rehersed lines???)and so nothing can ever work out like it does in the movie, theres no gaurentee that the hero will win, that they'll love each other, that they'll stop fighting, and everyone will live happily everafter??***dont you think thats a little depresing??***


PS im not suicidal, its not like i think theres no piont to life, it's just hat the waiting is a little trying on my nerves?
sry??well bye!!

Here's the Deal

im not gonna delete any entries cuz then nothing would make sense ! so i just want to take back everything i said i dont want to talk about him anymore and i figured it out for my self and i getting over it so its over and not to b spoken of again.

wow! so for today im just gonna say that i had no time whatsoever to write here because of homework so yeah!!but is it just me or is there a lot more hw in gr 11 thanthere everwas in any of the other grades???(like i no they said there would be but wow!!!)
k well g nite!!!!

Dont you hate it when...

1)when guys grop your ass and then act like thier doing nothing...or they talk to thier friends while thier doing it!

2)when for about an hour they grop your ass and for the next hour ignore you!!!!!!!

3)when you borrow something from someone, and they said you could, and then when they needed it for something and didnt have it instead off calling you they just blame you l8r!!!!!!

4)people who try to start conversations by insulting you!!!(ex: why are you so ugly??? huh???)

5)people insult you or ask you something that they know your gonna say no to and then say they were just joking!!(no you wern't you were just tring to see if you could get away with it!!!!!!!)

ok so sorry i just totally had to vent but now im tottally done and i promise that it wont happen often!!!!!


PS:helen lost her game:'(

next morning!!

so great!!helen stayed the night!!ahhhh!!!i no i wanted her too!!lol shes so dum tho(i wanted her to say so i could laf at her stupidity in the morning!!!)lolshes so funny(to laf at that is)waell shes got a soccer game to day so her obsesive compulsive self is desperatly begging to go on msn so ill b nice and let her!!!


hiya its helen

hiya u people of annas friend lol this is helen her cuz shes a retard aint she??? lol i no but im stuck w/ her so i aint complainin.. k wait nm i am! lol the guys she is talkin about some one that i cant say cuz shell kick my ass or try neways lol i no she is sad!! haha well cya all later peace and byes


ok so i no this is like my 3rd one today but i guess you could say im making up for lost time...i mean blogs have been around for long enuf, and all my friends have had thiers for a while too so yay!!!!!!!!ok so sorta in relation to my other blog the one just b4 this this guy friends wit him, and hes friends wit me, but we dont have anyfriends in common, and he's like always always always always working, and i really like him and i just know that allof this sounds trivial to absolutly anyone but if anyone could possibly find it in ur hearts to help me find either a way to tell him or a way to get over it!!!!


ok!!so im not gonna tell you all who im talking about(by name...)but i will call him HIM ok??so thers this guy and im like him and he's prob gonna read this but i so dont care cuz i gotta get this out!!!!i like him and i havent told anyone and im good friends wit him and i dont want to go out wit him cuz wut we have is good!and he knows i used to like him and then i stopped cuz he was a toatal asshole too me for like a yr!!!and then this summer he just turned around completly and now i cant help but like him and im so dum around him!!!i just want to b myself with him!!!!! HELP ANYONE!!!

hi!!!ok so today i had my amazing x clountry team meet!!i got to 400 m's!!then i fell in a hole and twisted my knee!!!then i was just determined to get off the field and fall b hind a bush!!well i didnt exactly make it ...b4 i could even make it the 220 m's i made it 200 with the messed up knee and collapsed in pian...apperently i was making this really funny noise that sounded like an asthma attack even tho i dont have it????:Pwierd eh?k well

ok so im still working out the fine detials...but i think this blog thing will wrk out!!!lol
ok so today i got the x country meet with my new school!!
the 1st 3 yrs of my high school career i was going to the local public school and that was wrking out just fine for me!just great!!!then one day my cousin tells me shes gonna be going to the local(if you can call it that!!!)private school(i say that bcuz we get people from all over!!!!!the world!!!!)nywayz! so she wants me around for moral sopport!!and i get hooked!i just loved the school!!!!its so great!!i love it!so now i m there and i joined the cross country team...and im in the choir!!and a whole bunch of other stuff too!!!!
well thats my little bit of talking for now but yeah!!hope you all have a good day!

word of the all can find out wut it means!!!!

ok!!wow so a frienad of mine helped me set this up now im happy!!!so this is like my amazing!!!2nd post!!!like the one that come after the 1st!!!umm wut to say??........oh i no!!

id like to encourage everyone to go to every day and check out the 'word of the day!!!'to expand ur vocabualry one day at a time!!!!

k well im done!!!!!!

c ya!
ok so ahhhh!!!i tried to do some funny stuff on my 1st one and it just sorta went away!!so heres the 1st one and the original was longer but nowi gotta go to dinner so bye all my non readers!!!