Conversations with his 2 year old daughter

Well, I can’t actually remember where I came across this, but it's well worth a watch.

The creator, Matthew Clarke of Warmland Films only started the Youtube channel on May 18, 2013, and already his first video (seen above) has had over 5,000,000 hits! It’s a viral hit, as well it should be!

The tag line, “Actual conversations with my 2 year old daughter, as re-enacted by me and another full-grown man”, cannot prepare you for what you are about to see.

A big shout out to David Milchard, who pulls off the role of a two year girl with childish charm and just the tiniest hint of psychopath.

Let me leave you with this,

Because sometimes, don’t we all just want one more cookie.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge adventure

Before the bridge
My birthday was on June 9th, and in celebration of turning a completely arbitrary age, ie. a none-milestone age, I decided I wanted to go the Capilano Suspension Bridge for the day.

After the bridge, and still talking to me?

Well for the day didn’t really happen, cause we were completely lazy and didn’t actually get out of the house until about 3. From our living room we can clearly see North Vancouver (Oh and Downtown AND West Vancouver, btw!), and we spent the majority of the morning eating decadent foods and watching the weather.

By 3pm we (by which I mean I) decided it didn’t matter if it was raining there, we (I) wanted to go.

The staff are very close to nature.
After 40 minutes of Downtown Traffic we were there and it was beautiful! On the way there, I seemed unable to contain my enthusiasm and appreciation for the fact that some great power (or deity or whoever you bow down to, if any) has deemed me worthy of this beautiful place I live in. I’m not sure who thought I was worthy, but no longer will I waste this amazing natural playground I live in. Enter the Capilano Valley, a haven etched out of the land, situated a stones throw from home.
On the CliffWalk

Being a BC resident, we are entitled to a year long pass to the bridge for the price of one entry (the cost of a ‘student’ entry for me!), including entry in the Canyon lights event! Despite a funky/broken parking meter, the whole day went off without a hitch, and we didn’t even get a parking ticket!

That's a far way down!
Not looking as calm as he'd like

I had a few people suggest it was foolish for us to pay to go on a bridge, when the Lynn Canyon bridge is free, but I was there for the CliffWalk! A “ cliffside journey [that] takes you through rainforest vegetation on a series of unobtrusive cantilevered and suspended walkways jutting out from the granite cliff face above Capilano River to previously unexplored areas of the park. “ (according to the Capilano Suspension Bridge website)

After the bridge we went for dinner, and while we were planning on using The Keg gift card my uncle gave us for Christmas, it was a 45 minutes wait, so (poor me) we ended up at Bridges Restaurant on Granville Island. Seeing a theme to the day?

At Bridges
trying to show how far down it is...
After dinner we caught a movie, “The Kings of Summer”. It was technically a ‘coming of age’ story, but done so that I didn’t want to claw my eyes out from teenage angst. I actually really enjoyed it, check it out! It may not be a classic in theaters movie, ie. no big fight/race/explosion scenes, but the theaters may be the only place you’ll have a chance to see it, as it’s not a blockbuster, slated for 'in-home' release as far as I know. Rotten Tomatoes top critics didn't love it, but then again, they are critics. I'm pretty sure if I listened to them I'd never go watch a movie.

We suck at couple selfies
Next weekend I plan on celebrating with friends at the Irish Heather (who were kind enough to take my reservation, as opposed to a few other places that 'don't take reservations ', What?!) and may go up to the Lynn Canyon (what's the difference between a Valley and Canyon?)uspension bridge, but I don’t know how happy the Boyfriend will be about that one. I may be out on that bridge alone, so to speak.

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Boo's Bridal Shower

On Saturday I went to Boo’s Bridal shower.

Boo did something quite interesting with her shower(s). She had two.

The first one was for the ‘ladies’, which included the moms, grandmas, aunts, and from what I can gather, the ‘experienced’ ones.
My mom was invited to that one, and lovingly referred to it at the ‘old farts’ shower. They were asked to bring  a recipe card with favorite/no fail/perfect family recipe.
I’m sure it included a huge variety of dishes as Boo’s mom was from Mexico and her dad is from Newfoundland. There was the Irish contingent in attendance, as well as the old family friends from Greece. My mom, being fully aware of her downfalls in the kitchen, and under the impression that you can never make another persons ‘no fail’ recipe very well, gave Boo the very best advice, she could.

“What do I make for dinner?”
*turn card over*

A Classic mom, a classic!

Well the ‘sweet young things’ shower was on Saturday, and it certainly lived up to its name. the room was filled with SYT’s and I got to chat with a great group of ladies (or girls, not quite sure what we want to say here?).
While I had no obvious marital advice, but I was able to bring my (in my mind, world renowned) devilled eggs, and try out all the other delicious treats brought by everyone else!
The games turned a little competitive. There’s a reason I only play board games with other serious people. You only have to ask my sister-in-law about that time we played Trivial Pursuit to hear about my competitive nature. It’s not pretty. I ended up winning one of the games, but it was a hollow victory as the prize was chocolate, which I can’t really eat without getting a really bad stomach ache. The other games (including the classic toilet paper wedding dress ,modelled here by the two lovely bridesmaids) were as hilarious as they were creative.
The gifts were great and my personal favourite involved the bride answering questions about the groom. For every correct answer, she remained safe, for every wrong answer, she had to chew another piece of gum. By the end she had 4 or 5 pieces in her mouth, and while her breath was (I’m sure) minty fresh, he face painted another picture.
These were some of the questions and some of Boo’s answers:

  • What is [groom]’s favourite food that you cook him?
    • “I don’t cook.”
  • What did [groom] say is your favourite movie?
    • “The Lion King. No? What?! Well he’s wrong, everyone know my favourite movie is the Lion King”
  • What is [groom]’s favourite song?
  • What is [groom]’s favourite place to spent time with you?
  • What thing would [groom] burn in your closet if he could? (to be honest, I can’t remember if it was burn or just get rid of, but by the end Boo had turned it into burn)
  • What is [groom]’s favourite thing about you? (Physical thing I think)
  • What’s your favourite thing about [groom]?
  • When did [groom] know you were the one?

We were very excited about TP dress making
Quite possibly the worst (or most embarrassing) part of the party was during the gift giving. A few of us has decided to pool together and get an even better gift for Boo. Unfortunately for me, I misunderstood and thought that gift was going to be given at the shower, but no, it’s being given at the wedding. So when my name was called to give a gift, not only did I not have anything, I also dropped the ball, and now Boo knows some people are going in together for a gift for the wedding. Awkward!
My ‘awkward turtle’ moment wasn’t over yet though! Just as I was leaving and could have left the party fairly unscathed, I spilled the beans on the (apparently) secret events of the Stagette, even though Boo is a host on the Facebook event and nowhere does it say the event is a secret. I was baffled and holding my face in my hands by the end. While I had a great time, I was happy for that tyranny of awkwardness to be over.

All in all, I am definitely looking forward to going to the Stagette with these ladies! If this is what they are like at an afternoon tea, I can’t wait to see what goes down when you get a few drinks in them! I hope this time I can keep my shit together.

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It's all coming up weddings

Okay, well it's not ALL coming up weddings, but I am attending a few lovely nuptials in the near and distant future, along with all the requisite stagettes, showers, and tea parties.

Last summer, my brother and my cousin both got married (a week apart) and I had the honour of being in both wedding parties. It was such a joy to share those days with two such amazingly calm and level headed brides, and thank God something did go wrong, otherwise we all would have been standing there at the end of the day waiting for the other (or any shoe) to drop.

My experiences from both those weddings makes me look even more forward the ones I have coming up!

I've already attended one this year, and I was honoured to even be invited as it was a very small civil ceremony held in their living room with only their nearest and dearest in tow. This particular couple was meant to get married last October, but because of health issues the wedding had to be post-poned. Earlier on this year they decided they wanted to be married, and neither hell nor high water (nor illnesses) was going to stand in their way.
The happy couple signing the marriage certificate

The ceremony was held in their living room, the officiant gave a lovely talk, and there was plenty of glasses of wine and cupcakes afterwards to feed a village.

The next wedding coming up is one I'm very excited about!
Boo's proposal

My oldest friend, who I lovingly refer to as 'Boo' (can't remember where that one started), is getting married on May 4th. The ceremony is being held in our childhood church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, where we met at the tender age of 9.

Before the big day though there are the obvious requirements: Stagette and Bridal shower!

The potluck bridal shower is this weekend, and I'm already planning my deviled eggs, I just need to decide on a flavour.

The stagette is not long after, and despite my shoulder being injured, I'm still going to go along for the pole dancing lessons, and then enjoy a delicious downtown dinner, and some awesome 90's music dancing! I can't wait!!

In late May, my mom and I will be attending two marriage ceremonies for another couple.

The first ceremony is the going to be for the grooms religion. It's going to be some kind of Hindu (I believe) ceremony. I'm quite looking forward to it, but we're waiting to hear back from the brides mother as to what we should wear. New outfits may be in order!

The second ceremony is for the brides religion. I can't remember exactly what they are, but I'm pretty sure it's a Christian ceremony.

I've been told there will be copious amounts of delicious food and drink at both events! I can't wait!

I have a bit of a break for a while then, and September brings another wedding of a dear friend (Whom we refer to a 'Moose'. I completely remember where that one comes from, but that's a story for another day). She had one of the cutest proposals I've seen in a while (or at least one of the most picture worthy), and I can't wait to see what that wedding day brings, or even better, what calamity ensues during the stagette! I'm not sure yet if the party is going to be in Vancouver or Victoria, as she recently moved to The Island, but either local will be great I'm sure!
It says 'Will you Marry me?'

The last wedding I have on my calendar for 2013 (so far), is the Wiccan ceremony and reception for the first wedding I went to. The first couple who had their legal ceremony a few weeks ago will be having their 'handfasting' Wiccan ceremony in October. It promises to be a very interesting experience, and I look forward to seeing it! I already know what the dresses look like, as my mom and I are making the bridesmaids dresses and doing the alterations on the wedding dress.

Before that the big day in October though we have a bachelorette and bridal shower for that bride (well now wife technically). That party promises to be a very interesting event, as those group of girls have their own fascinating and awesome definition of fun! Pictures to follow if they are appropriate and PG.

Living in Vancouver and having such a diverse group of friends and extended family, I feel so blessed to be a part of these upcoming weddings, ceremonies, receptions, bachelorettes, tea parties, bridal showers, dress fittings, and luncheons! This year promises to show me some diverse and fascinating nuptials, and I can't wait!! Pictures and posts forthcoming.

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A different kind of ombré nails

So I saw something the other day, and Lord helping me if I can remember where, but I just knew I had to try it!

I've done ombré with nail polish layering, but this is way more fun!

The idea is: you add black and white to whatever colour you choose and create an ombré effect acorss all your nails.

What you'll need:
A coloured nail polish
White nail polish
Black nail polish
A paint brush (suitable for painting your nails)
A palette, or a piece of wax paper ;)
Nail polish remover

Here's how you do it:
Each nail needs 4-5 drops of nail polish.

The middle nail you can just use the polish by itself. Do both middle fingers at the same time.

Next nails (ring finger) mix 8 drops of the colour, and 2 of black on your palette. Be sure to mix the two throughly, or you'll get streaks of the individual polishes instead of the whole colour. Paint both ring fingers at the same time.

Next for your pinky fingernail, add four more drops of colour and two more of black. Paint both pinkies at the same time.

For the index finger and thumb do the same thing but with white. The black polish I found you didn't have to add much to make the colour darker, the white took a little more to lighten up, but I suppose it would depend on what colour you use.

Of course these aren't hard an fast measurements. Add more colour or white or black to make it right. The polish will dry a little lighter than it looks when you're mixing it. Work quickly so the polish doesn't dry before you can get it on your nails.

Remember to thoroughly clean your brush after so it doesn't harden up and become useless.

and of course, remember to top coat and enjoy your awesome nails.

I think they look pretty:

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P.S. Besides trying this new technique on my own nails, I couldn't help myself over the holiday weekend, and I painted some adorable nail art on my mom's fantastically long nails!!!

The bunny and chick are my favourite!

Poutine anybody?

My ever so lovely sister-in-law posted about a Poutine Festival today!

The presale tickets have already sold out, but rush tickets are available at the door for the afternoon and evening events an hour an half after doors open.

I think as a Canadian it's my duty to try to get in. I'm aiming for Sunday afternoon (So 1:30 on Sunday I am there!).

Who wants to join me?

While we wait for this glorious event to happen, please enjoy these photos of delicious, delicious poutine, and a photo of my enjoying some delicious but VERY hot Poutine in Quebec City

The VERY hot poutine culprit!

Is that a pork chop?

Bacon? Egg? Chives? Really not sure whats happening here?

Guacamole and Salsa, Great idea or blasphemy?

The Classic!

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New Year Joys

Well, here I am 18 days into 2013, and while I've already had some ups and downs, on the whole, this year is going pretty freaking well.

I started at BCIT (one class, don't panic), and I'm at total loss for what I want to do. Essentials of Marketing is a staple for many BCIT programs, and I've been told declaring a program bumps you up on the list when registering for classes, but tying myself to one thing right now seems like the worst thing I could possibly do!

Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but Nobody puts Baby in a Corner! (too much?)

Moving on.

I'm looking forward to a lot of things in 2013. I'm not the type to make resolutions, as I never understood the rational behind changing your life on one particular day. If I'm going to change something in my life, I just should.
None of this:
     "At exactly 12 Midnight, I will - be a better person - drink no more - lose weight- kill less puppies - watch what I eat"

February 11 - Celebrating one year with pretty fucking awesomesauce boyfriend  I really am quite a fan of him, and have decided to keep him. I must apologise to all the women in the world who are looking for an 'awesomesuace boyfriend'. I have taken one off the market. Go find your own!

March 17 - 5K Fun Run, For St. Patty's day. Run - Run - Run - Eat Lucky Charms - Drink beer. Our team name: Fiddle Dee Dee My Potatoes, said in my patented Munchkin voice. [Edit, I can't actually run in this, becasue it's actually on March 16th, and I have to work, but the team name continues, and I'm buying the team some green hair spray]

April 20/21- Fan Expo in Vancouver. I decided on my costume, now to make it. I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to it, but researching and making a hoop skirt, and getting just the right shape of skirt is going to interesting.

June - My 26th birthday. Okay so it's not a noteworthy birthday, but birthdays are fun despite, and I hope I never dread growing 'another year older'. Possibly a trip after that up to the lovely but small Kaslo, BC to visit a friend on her Rural practicum for [essentially] teachers College.

July-ish - My Annual trip up to my uncles cabin on the shorelines of Adams Lake. Oh, a week with nothing to do, nowhere to be, sunshine and drinks, boating and hiking, waterfalls and swimming, and endless Ceasers.... *sigh* if I must.

September - Start more course at BCIT, and slowly Take Over the WORLD!

October - My second Halloween at my work (this Costume Shop). I will be much more prepared this year (hopefully), enough to enjoy myself a little too. I may even reuse my hoop skirt somehow

That pretty much beings it full circle for 2013, and I hope to go to the same or equally fantastic New Years party to ring in 2014. Every year in another year I want to live, love, and laugh my way through  and I for one am looking forward to all the planned events, as well as those adventure that blind side me and keep me on my toes.

Happy 2013 everyone.

Next blog Post, making that freaking costume...

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