Still here

So while I have been here almost 3 months and have failed to write another entry since my 1st one here, I will.

It will have to be brief because the keyboard I'm writing on wobbles and I'm not in my own cottage and I have to go do laundry soon! I am currently less battered, bruised and beaten then ususal, but only because I haven't actually been working in my own class the last 2 days, I've been helping in other classes.
The weather here is ABSOLUTLY rididculous! They think it's going to SNOW tonight!! SNOW!!! I was told Elngland was LUCKY to see a little January...but this is November!! Its getting to AT LEAST -5 degrees each night if not lower and the heating system in our 400+ old cottage is radiators...which break regularly!
I'm still enjoying the work as much as I ever did...which is surprisingly a lot, and I've found my very own soap opera to watch everyday at I'm happy! I am actaully imagining missing this place when I have to leave next August! I know I'm really going to miss the girls.
Katie-Ann...Shes the actress!
Michelle...Shes from Toronto/The BVI's...very independent!
Maria...Shes in her room...a lot!
Anne...A very sporty German!Love her!
Katie...Shes the quite girl from the Island.
Annika...Shes the youngest not including me ( I am officially the about 8 months!) for last
Sonja...Shes my roommate, and is totally and completly awsome...and were the same size!! YES!!

I'm finding myself getting really attached to the kids, and I'm going to miss them so much more when I leave then anyone else! They have been through sooo much in their lives and just the fact that they even let me in a little makes them braver then I could EVER be! I actually admire them.
The staff here are soo cool, and really funny, especially a paticular few, who I can really joke around with and they are soo funny!
Well I got to go do my laundry now...ahhh the joys of living too far away to take my laundry home!