So I mean I really want to go to Mexico with my grad class, but at the same time not really. I mean obviously I want to go to Mexico, like duh? But I mean I don't know.Obviously there's a problem with money, and I don't know if I want to go all the way to another country with people who aren't even my friends?I mean sure I talk to them at school, and I think I've been over to Claires house like once before, but that was for a project, and I think I seen one of them outside of school, but that's it. We don't have any mutual friends, we don't have any of the same interests, and I think I would have a pretty crappy week!!
On the other hand, it could all go well, it could work out, maybe I'll actually find them all perfectly fine and normal people??Who knows, but I think this is what I'm going to have to say...
"If we do enough fundraising, and basically I don't have to pay out more than $100 dollars out of my own pocket, then I'm all for it!"
We have to make a non-refundable payment by December, for the trip to be in April, and if we make that payment, with me in there, and then when its time and we are each like $500 short, I'm totally screwed, cuz I can't pay out $500, and still have my GAP year ( I will explain about the GAP year in a minute) so I gotta think about it, do some number crunching as to the fundraising and wut not etc. But I think it might work??Maybe...??

GAP year:
In England when they graduate from highschool, they have to wait for the following February before they can apply to any universities, because they have to wait for their grades for their equivalent of grade 12 to come through. While we don't quite have the same system here, we still have the possiblilty of going to any number of other countires on an exchange as well (like :Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada (for those who aren't already here), Chile, China, Ecuador, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Paraguay, Poland(yeah right!!), Romania (same thing!), Russia, and South Africa) so as you can see its a pretty cool thing, and if I have to pay a lot of money toward this Mexico thing, then the GAP year isn't really an option anymore, but if I just don't even bother with the Mexico thing, and focus all my attention on the GAP thing then I think that would be easier for all, so I guess I have some 'serious ' thinking to do!!Well I gotta go write up my GAP application, omg yet another APPLICATION!!lol
PS. Ill leave you all with this:
"Why do people with closed minds, always open their mouths?"
(finished 5:30)

Conclave this year

ok so its a little late this year, it happened about two weekends ago, but I guess I had to let it all sink in. So last year I so totally threw myself at Aaron, and this year I completely through myself at someone else, and I'm kinda ...I don't know not regretting it, just I kinda wish I hadn't cuz now I'm completely estranged with Aaron, and I don't really want that to happen with nutty. But I told Nuttys friend at a party last Saturday, that at conclave, I was just bored and then Ryan, Nuttys friend, said that nutty was just bored to, so now we just sorta talk and that on msn but I'm not really interested anymore?...I'm actually more interested in someone else, some in close proximity to me right now(hint: look at the time marker)like he's sitting right across form me in the computer lab and his foot is on mine and that's really annoying because honestly I can't move me foot right now, the good one, he's on it, and its stuck lol.oh well, my screwed up life!!

footsies has got to be the stupidest thing in the world, when its under a table with a table cloth, then its ok, but when people do it under a table, like where everyone can see, it just look like they lost something up the pant leg of the other person, and basically looks stupid!!and sometimes, you can hurt your toe!

Torn...Broken...Damaged Goods