I love food. There is no denying it, I absolutely and completly love food, and I love to eat!

Yesterday I had scrabbled eggs, bason and toast for breakfast, and a little later on I had some fruit (an apple, an orange, and a banana).

For lunch I had some salmon, and a salad and some potatos.

Then Jollean called me and told me to come down and sit with her while she had her lunch. As usual she didn't finish it all so I ended up having half a grilled cheese sandwhich and half her french fries.

I went home, and my cousin was there. He invited me and my mom out for dinner with the family, and I obviously couldn't say no! We went to the Hong Kong Inn, and we all ordered a dish and each got a plate, and just spilt it all up between us.

I filled my plate once and finished it.
I filled my plate a second time and finished it.
I filled my plate a third time and finished it!

We went home and I had some coffee, and sat down to watch some TV.

Jollean called me, and said she and Avery were going out for dinner and asked if I wanted to come along, I declined but said I would come by later.
I went down later and they had just ordered their food! It came down on the table and all of a sudden I was hungry again!

Well I ate most of Jollean's fries, and some of Avery's, and I had the 2 peices of cantelope off both of their plates, that's 4 pieces.

I was pretty full by the end of the day, but I slept it off. I'm going to go eat breakfast now!