i no some poeple would call me obsessive for making entry after entry and addmitedly it would make more sense to just add them all together but then i couldn't have all the fun titles i have!!


i dread the thought of having to move!!im 16 now and ive been in the same house my entire life. i no that to many this can sound odd to others it normal to have the one house ur whole life and for it to alwayz be in the family.personally i like the second one better!!i do have friends though that tend to disagree, one says that she gets bored and would get bored if she had to live in the same house year after year??if i had to move it would take me soooo long to pack it all up!!life would just be a lot easier if i just didnt move!!!

ok so i have a friend and he said this **one thing** to me that i dont want to accept but i think i have to, but i guess i will if i ever wanna keep someone???

he said and i quote "well you know what you gotta do to keep someone at our age[16]"

ME:"no but im sure your gonna tell me?"

"learn to open wide"

~~~~~~~~ now for my quicker readers i no you all get it (and for the slower ones ill give you a hint:he didnt mean my mouth!!)and im 16!!!!maybe im living in the past but i think im too young~~~~~~~~~

and when i said this too him he replies

"well my girlfriend wasn't too young"(btw she's 14)("going on 15 real soon" she says!!!)

just to give you some context:he had this life lesson(as he calls it )conversation with me just after i told him about my fiasco with HIM(remeber HIM???~~if not read previous entries~~starting september 13 2003)i was a little shocked but then agian also not too much because i mean i hate to say it but when he told me that every guy thinks about it i wasnt surprized??please people (that is if i have any readers lol)give me some feedback into this please (guy or girl i dont care???)


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