Oil Pulling is wierd

Have you heard about it?

Oil Pulling.

It's weird.

So here's the deal:
1) Get some coconut oil (or apparently sesame oil works too)
2) Get that s*it it in your mouth
3) Swish-it, swish-it gooood... 20 minutes
4) Spit it out into the garbage (not down your drains cause it's going to solidify once its out of the warm inviting crevice of your oral cavity.

So the many sites in a quick search say, the oil 'absorbs' any 'bad' bacteria in your mouth, and traps it, them you spit it out. How the oil magically traps the bad bacteria without taking the good, I don't know? Also, the oil (thank goodness for this one) pulls toxins out of your body through you mouth.

I'm calling BULLSHIT!

The oils is about as likely to pull toxins out of my body through my mouth as at ionized water is going to pull it out of my body through my feet.

Apparent benefits

A shit load. The kind of number of benefits where someone might say, 
"Gosh, that sounds too good to be true!"

And maybe they are right! Google this b*tch, there's a lot. Here are the ones I might actually believe:
Whitens teeth
Strengthens gums, teeth and jaw
Prevents cavities and gingivitis
Prevents dry lips, mouth and throat

Here are the more dubious ones:
Hangover relief (I wish!)
Migraine relief
Corrects hormone imbalance
Reduces eczema and pain... and insomnia... and gastro-enteritis... and symptoms of bronchitis... and allergies... and sinus congestion... and, and, and....

You get the idea, it's like this thing could cure every ailment you could possibly have, and some your didn't even know you had!

Possible bad-ish things that could happen
You get oil down your sink, because you're totally out of it in the morning and forget that's a bad idea.
You waste 20 minutes of your life
You get bored in the 20 minutes and plan world domination, probably unsuccessfully
You swallow nasty, 'bacteria filled' oil
You look like an idiot with oil leaking out of your mouth
Your grocery costs go way up because you are literally spitting out a lot of coconut oil
People think you're crazy
You are committed to a mental health institution
There's not coconut oil available there

So why am I bringing this to your attention?

Well I'm going to try it. It probably won't kill me, it won't exactly ruin my life (hopefully), and we have a lot of coconut oil hanging around from out cleanse in January, and this is as good a use for it as any.

Results pending...

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          Anna Felicity