Dont you hate it when...

1)when guys grop your ass and then act like thier doing nothing...or they talk to thier friends while thier doing it!

2)when for about an hour they grop your ass and for the next hour ignore you!!!!!!!

3)when you borrow something from someone, and they said you could, and then when they needed it for something and didnt have it instead off calling you they just blame you l8r!!!!!!

4)people who try to start conversations by insulting you!!!(ex: why are you so ugly??? huh???)

5)people insult you or ask you something that they know your gonna say no to and then say they were just joking!!(no you wern't you were just tring to see if you could get away with it!!!!!!!)

ok so sorry i just totally had to vent but now im tottally done and i promise that it wont happen often!!!!!


PS:helen lost her game:'(

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