Conclave Review

ok so I have to admit I'm in mixed feelings about Conclave. I mean it was fun and all but I think I came outta it with one less friend and another that I think we were a little confused about where we were??it was all very confusing and the total lack of sleep did NOT help!!(2 days without sleep does not do good things??(but hey I did win $25 bucks!!!yeah me!!!)and between no sleep, people asking other people out and guys (WITH GIRLFRIENDS) all over me!!!(that was not nice??and then guys with no girlfriend (cuz all they want is FWB!!!until of course they meet someone a little closer to them and then all of sudden it like FWB!!nah..Ill just go out wit her!!!!!!!!!!!!!)and me annoyed????never!!!!but in the end review of it all ...lemmy put it this way...I'm definitely going next year!!yeah it was fun!!


PS:the Mr. Beautiful contest was GREAT!!!!!!lol the guy that won...I swear it was I girl!!!(even after he won!!!)lol it was great you guys...erica thanks for convincing me to come!!luv!


OMG!!there is soo much homework(h/w)and that totally y I haven't had time to put in any new blocs but I've just been soo busy!!but you know I think that while I have about I minute or so or time out I'm gonna change around the look of my site and I'm planning on starting up another site, of pictures cues I seriously have SOHO may(I don't just mean current pictures but like I'm gonna put in every picture I have in my house so then I can like preserve them forever on a website. you know isn't the web an amazing thing!I mean I t just holds so MUCH information and it just always seem to have room for more?not to be the pessimist in the room but do you eva wonder if mayb one day it'll just run outta room??thats a little scary to think about!!you know I always start out my blocs on one thing and end up on a totally different thing!!go figure??


PS: Vote for lost the one at