The Application Black Hole!

My math teacher, at the beginning of the year was talking about the "Black Hole" and how if we fell behind in our work we would fall into the "Black Hole".
I'm don't seem to be having any troubles staying out of the black hole in math, but more recently I've been falling into the "Application Black Hole" so dubbed by....Me!
With everyday that passes I'm Starting to feel the Squeeze. It seems like every time I find a new thing I might want to do after high school, theres another application, and I've just missed the due date?!?! It's going to drive me crazy!I may just give up completely, and submit myself to the crazy house!!!BUT then there will just be another application to fill out!!
like right now I'm applying for the GAP year thing, and its something I really want to do, because with my brother still living at home, which I such a good idea so long as my mom will have me rest free, I just really get the feeling that he always regretted never going an a big trip after high school, and it really the one thing I really do want to do do, I don't want to take a year off and work, and I don't want to go to school right away, even if my mom expects me to go strait through like she did, well guess what mom I not you, and I always thought you made a mistake!

Will the Alex wonders never cease?

Tourette's Syndrome

HaikuGash! Fucking-Witch-Cock!
Here it Comes! ShitFist! Grrr! Tits!
Cyst! Toadfish! Blitzkrieg!

NOTE**= he didnt write this but he does say often!, usually at the most inappropriate times, i love him!
He also often talks of a Requeim for a Big Mac, but i have yet been unconclusive on that front. If anyone comes across such a beast, plaese let me know Plaese and Thank-you

kindly fuck off before I beat you dead with a chimpanzee.

these are jsut going to be a few random things my brother says.

...Than riddle me this, Batman...

...kindly fuck off before I beat you dead with a chimpanzee...

...God I hate you...

...It's The Brak show, starring me I'm Brak!...

...Twenty Dollars can buy many peanuts!...

...I Was The Prettiest Girl There...

... I applied my makeup and donned a full-length red ballgown, slipped on my dainty black combat boots, and tangoed my way into 2nd runner-up...

...It will have swearing. It will have violence. It will have references to monkeys...

...You don't just tard, you retard...

yes he really did say all of those things, yes he really is that wierd, and no he not really gay, but he did look better in that dress than I would have!
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I can't Decide

Everyone i know is good at something, and maybe even great at something, and i can start with my class.
Amy and Claire can just jam all sorts of information into their heads, and even though they say its bad, get the most amazing marks, most impressive.
Amrita, just knows a lot about a lot of things, she can name the new line from one designer or another ( and unlike most people who are into it all like that) she can actually formulate her own opinion about it too
Callen is (from what i hear) an amazing horse back rider.
Mike is on the provincial team for Baseball
Jackson and Govinda sre both (again from what i hear) really good at Hockey.
then my friends:
Erica could lead a rock up a hill. Sha has an amazing aura about her that gives her this leader feeling, i know id follower her to the ends of the earth. shes also fluent in about 3 languages, and im sure could pick a few more up easy-peasy
Vanessa can play so many insruments, is fleunt in another language aswell, and i think knows more cultural references than anyone else on this list
all the cousins are absolutly fantastic at sports! they are so athletic (not only naturally(in genetics, though i dont know where from) but also jsut with all the sports they do, they cant help it.
mom is such a good seamstress, and lets face a great mom considering all that she went through(about 3 nervous breakdowns, raising 2 kids, taking care of 4 gradparents, and going through a divorce)
dad is so confident,(even when hes wrong) and and he does all that travelling and meets new people everyday and he does it so well.
Alex bikes and takes such pride in the army that i cna't help but admire his persistance in it.
basically im seeing a pattern...i do a lot of things a little well, but they all have something they are passionate about, or one thing they do really well. its no good to be ok at a whole bunch of things. when you try to really get into something, it dosen't srok because your either not good enough at it, or there are too many other things in the way that slow the whole process down.
if someone can decide that they are going to, for example, play hockey, then great! they can play hockey and do it really well, but i can't because i can't just decide on one thing, i need to do it all and as a result i get nothing done, it can really be upsetting!(finished at 11:38)

Live or Live

I got a new shirt and it has "LIVE" on the front and i'm wondering is it live that rhymes with pit, or live that rhymes with Pie??

go to : (for clarification about what the fuck im talking about.)

i mean i like the shirt either way, i mean its comfy, and fits well and either way i like what its saying. Live (pit) and its jsut telling you you to live your life and have fun and you know just live it dont fret everything!!
its live (pie) then its kinda cool cuz its like this i live action so pay attention!!
so is it
"This is Live news!"
"Live in the now!"
"This is live(pit) news!"
"Live(pie) in the now!"
What a quandry!...or is it laundry


I have finally found the perfect word to describe my family gatherings. my familty is not as small as some and is certainly not as big as some but its at about a dozen.
My Family:
Auntie Jackie
Uncle John
Auntie Judy
Then we've got:
and Uncle Ed(i mena i guess hes my family but i thinks hes actually my first cousin once removed??)
and ummm i know there are others but its gone right now!lol

anywayz...when we all get to gether our celebrations are truly...convivial!

convivial \kuhn-VIV-ee-uhl\, adjective:Relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company; merry; festive.

our family gathering really are like that ( at least from my piont of view) and i really like. we probaly won't have many more like that.(wow i have been so depressing recently although its all coming together at once, selling flop, graduation, possibly going away for the year, and all of it!) and besides i really do like my family, just as it is, and just like it will be as time goes on and it all changes again!


This year at Christmas dinner:

Auntie Jackie
Uncle John
Auntie Judy
Uncle Ed
>>Dom's friends who are, get this, coming from england for the holidays(well mo is but george is already here)
Mo ( dont know how to spell his name)
and im sure a few others!
but it'll be wonderful!!!
i love family gatherings, big and small, loud and quite, family is great!(finished at 7:10)

Soccer or Football...

well i know an entire country or two that would tell me its obviously tell me its football, and i could find a whole bunch others that could tell me its soccer. honestly i dont really care, but i say it should be football(because it makes more sense) and American football( becuase they stole the name.)
anyways, i went my cousins game(football) and he it really quite good! his team is quite impressive, they won 7-4 and he got the third one, even though it was wet it was still really fun!!!Good job curt!!ill see you on teusday.

Good Bye Dark Half

" The Dark Half" is my horse, and I'm forced to sell him. I mean i love him but honestly ive lost my nerve to ride, and my life is consistantly becoming more and more busy. I'm in grade 12 now and i have Provincials coming, and then next year im travelling or going to school, there just wont be enough time?.But, i've know flop( as he's more commonly know) since he was 3 hours old, and just learning how to really run, he was beautiful then. i bought him when he was a yearling, and he's going to turn 6 on february 14. i got him cheap because he's kinda deformed, which makes him all the more lovable.he has a tooth on his upper jaw and it makes a little bump on his head( i dont know if you know the steven king novel " the dark half" where the guy has a twin grow out of him, but it kinda looks like the eye.) anyways im just going down right now to spend time with him and im probably going to cry. im sorry but if youve never been around horses, or owned one youll proabaly thing im nuts, but im really going to miss that part of my life.

I finally found the answer

i finally figured ourt the differnce between hung and hanged.
Hung--> as in "I hung my jacket on the wall"
Hanged--> as in " He was hanged"

Hanged is done in percecution, hung is when you hang something on the wall etc. cool eh?
BUT: when somebody hangs themselve (as in not done i percecution against another person) it's "hung"

Hung-->" I hung my jacket on the wall."
-->" He hung himself."
Hanged-->"He was hanged by the member of the town."
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*INTERESTING I KNOW!LOL*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


i used to alway find it really difficult to figured out the distace between affect, and effect but i came up with this nifty sentence.
"When you Affect something, it has been effected" and the two words are in alphzbetacle order! cool eh?(FYI: im Canadian, thats why i got the 'eh?' in here)


today i was in the libarary with Amy and Claire( we were doing a history thing, but that another story) and we were tlaking to a grade nine who was in there doing his math home work ( because he dosn't take gym but another story as well). Well he was telling us about a kid in his class who, his teacher was annoyed at him for some reason and in order to change the subject he started coulouring his teeeth, thats right his teeth, with a black sharpie marker. Now im sure we all know they are non toxic but still, the smell alone must have induced a simple gag reflex, dont' you think?
well anyway he was eventully asked to take it off but no one know exactly how he did it?? i guess that one will remain a mystery!


For history im have to do a breif biography of nicholas II last Tsar/Czar of Russia.Well we were in class and i must have said that i wanted to do nicholas like 10 time ( well maybe only about 5 but it felt like 10) and my teacher just didn't write my name down? WTF?
i mena we only have 8 kids in the class i could have wispered and he would have heard me? it was a total mystery moment?? well i did get him in the end but i was a very annoying moment!!
Later on when we were in the library i was talking to amy and calire about it and right when i was saying " either he's Deaf, Stupid or just plain RUDE!!" and right on the word rude my teacher walks into th room! *heart skip a beat* i hate when people sneak up on you like that!!well anyway i dont think he heard but but i guess he was already having hearing problems today???


so wow talk about a small world, amy's brother anf the guy who dosnt take gym are on the same swim team and they are both really good, we're talking like olympic levels one day, isn't that cool?
i thought is was...GO 2010!!!

well i think i have truly exahusted my brain for today( wow i did more work here then i did at school today) oh yeha one more thing, laura gave me a ride home today cuz she saw me when she passed by me, and she's moving :-( apperntly it some place on like the other side of Tsawwassen, that kinda sux eh?) and she was telling me she's never moved before, same house whole like ( me too ) and now she really dosn't wanna move ( same) if i had to move i would freak! i love this house for one, and all my stuff is everywhere, it would take years to move!!

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