While walking home from school today, a thought struck me**BANG**
How can we determine each persons individual personality???(ie:funny, happy, sad, stressed, ect...)Isn't everybody opinion of others biased because of their own interpretation????

I do realize that I'm not explaining this concept of mine very well, but Ill try to give you an example.

~~~A person with a "Happy and Joyous" Personality(ie. Finds happiness in most things they do, is generally happy, doesn't get upset too easily)(by the way this is what I'm usually called)may consider a serious person to have a "VERY Serious"and maybe even "un-happy"Personality. But that's not necessarily the case, that just how the happy person interprets it!!!

Are you beginning to see what I mean????(by the way if your totally lost but want to figure it out please leave a comment and id be happy to explain it to you!!!!!!

***END OF THOUGHT***(just to clarify)

ok well that was I big part of my day!!!!


Oh by the way if your in for a good laugh(at me) check out, go to the "home"heading and click on the "Journalism Class" link, you can watch me make a fool of myself as the anchor!!(but please keep in mind the it was the very first one(the one where I'm the anchor)so its not that great!!!!!)

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