so i was reading the blog 'eat purple crayons' and the writer was brave enuf to face to her fears, be prepared for denile and ask the guy to go to spring formal(i think it was) with her, he said yes and it was just terrific just to read it!!!it made me think that if she could do it so could i!!!so i did!
i asked the guy if he wanted to go out with me(and i no to many poeple that dosnt sound to hard but i guess i just skipped that chapter about being a teenager???) and i still gotta wait for the response and it so unbelivably hard!!!!so still waiting
still waiting
still waiting!!!
GOD youd think he could make a decision faster than 5 seconds!!LOL(sorry i try to avoid serious or stressful things with humour??)
k well the suspense is gonna kill me so im gonna try to get some sleep!!


do you ever notice how in the movies something always happens??like its not just people living like the rest of the world does but stuff happens(ex:people change school, they ask other people out?, they get feelings hurt/healed, ect.)they never just live??but they react to some life altering event!!!its a little depressing because lets ay you wanna something to happen to you that happened in amovie(and i mean who dosnt??)but it's not possible unless you change your life, and even then you cant change how other people are gonna react(they dont have pre rehersed lines???)and so nothing can ever work out like it does in the movie, theres no gaurentee that the hero will win, that they'll love each other, that they'll stop fighting, and everyone will live happily everafter??***dont you think thats a little depresing??***


PS im not suicidal, its not like i think theres no piont to life, it's just hat the waiting is a little trying on my nerves?
sry??well bye!!

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