Hokey Pokey!!


What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about??

ok im done with the philisophical thinking for today(phew that was exahusting!!)but i saw that as a bumper sticker yesterday(yes yes im sorry i didnt think of that all by myself??so sorry but i still felt you all had to know??)and it occured to me that what if this bumper speaks the truth??i mean if you think about it, ***what if the Hokey Pokey really is what its all about***, the world would be a much happier place!!!

Example:"you put your right hand in, you take your right hand out, you put your right hand it, and you shake it all about!!!"(you can put the tune in yourself if you want too??)

>>>>well this is just saying that you shouldnt get your hand in other peoples buisness, and always keep some connection to your outside world(dont be secluded!!dont be by your self), always keep one hand in the worlds affairs and sometimes you gotta shake everything around(keep things interesting!!!)<<<<

Example:"You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around( or about)!!That's what its all about!!!"

>>>>sure sometimes you have to get some perspective on whats going on around you, but other times you just gotta let loose and do the Hokey Pokey!!!(dont care what other people think about you!!)<<<<

and finally you just do it all over again!!!keep life interesting, but also have a little idea of whats coming(**hmmmm i dont know what hand or foot its gonna be next, but at least im prepared for it!!!I know what im gonna have to do!!)

well i think my meaning of life brain cells are all worn out for the moment(note i didnt say today!!!just for the MOMENT)so ill finish this one off with



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