Getting ready to go

I'm getting ready to go now. I'm packing a little more into my suitcase each day. I'm looking at the sthings I'll miss. I already sadi good bye to my dad's dog Skye. She, lucky dog (no pun intendid, it jsut sodta worked out that way), is currently living the life on a sailboat with some of my dad's friends. I'm woking my way up to saying goodbye to everyone. I'll start with Harry my dog...he's too dumb to know what's happening. Then I'll go to Katie, the other dog, but she's smart she knows somethings happening! She's old too, she might not be here when I get back, God forbid!
Then I'll work my way up throught family and freidns and jsut keep reminding my self that it's only a year.

I know my current problems are no where near those who are suffering through Katrina right now, and my thought and prayres are with them. Well when I go to church my prayres will be with them. I got to do that before I go....pray for a safe flight.

I know the experience I'm walking into is going to be amazing and unreal. I can see this being te best year of my life! Everyone keeps telling me:

"It's good to travel when you're young!"

"I wish there had been something like that for me!"

"If only my kids had known about that!"

"That's going to be the experience of a lifetime!"

"That's and amazing oppertunity!"

I'd like to thank everyone who gave me such support and encouragment. Even if you didn't know it, you strenghtened my belief that this was the right choice.
To those I'll miss....I'll miss you so much! Be there when I come back and you'll be a friend for life!

Lots of Love to everyone!

PS: Still got the recap of both parties to come!