A different kind of ombré nails

So I saw something the other day, and Lord helping me if I can remember where, but I just knew I had to try it!

I've done ombré with nail polish layering, but this is way more fun!

The idea is: you add black and white to whatever colour you choose and create an ombré effect acorss all your nails.

What you'll need:
A coloured nail polish
White nail polish
Black nail polish
A paint brush (suitable for painting your nails)
A palette, or a piece of wax paper ;)
Nail polish remover

Here's how you do it:
Each nail needs 4-5 drops of nail polish.

The middle nail you can just use the polish by itself. Do both middle fingers at the same time.

Next nails (ring finger) mix 8 drops of the colour, and 2 of black on your palette. Be sure to mix the two throughly, or you'll get streaks of the individual polishes instead of the whole colour. Paint both ring fingers at the same time.

Next for your pinky fingernail, add four more drops of colour and two more of black. Paint both pinkies at the same time.

For the index finger and thumb do the same thing but with white. The black polish I found you didn't have to add much to make the colour darker, the white took a little more to lighten up, but I suppose it would depend on what colour you use.

Of course these aren't hard an fast measurements. Add more colour or white or black to make it right. The polish will dry a little lighter than it looks when you're mixing it. Work quickly so the polish doesn't dry before you can get it on your nails.

Remember to thoroughly clean your brush after so it doesn't harden up and become useless.

and of course, remember to top coat and enjoy your awesome nails.

I think they look pretty:

     designing a life more shaded
          Anna Felicity

P.S. Besides trying this new technique on my own nails, I couldn't help myself over the holiday weekend, and I painted some adorable nail art on my mom's fantastically long nails!!!

The bunny and chick are my favourite!

Poutine anybody?

My ever so lovely sister-in-law posted about a Poutine Festival today!

The presale tickets have already sold out, but rush tickets are available at the door for the afternoon and evening events an hour an half after doors open.

I think as a Canadian it's my duty to try to get in. I'm aiming for Sunday afternoon (So 1:30 on Sunday I am there!).

Who wants to join me?

While we wait for this glorious event to happen, please enjoy these photos of delicious, delicious poutine, and a photo of my enjoying some delicious but VERY hot Poutine in Quebec City

The VERY hot poutine culprit!

Is that a pork chop?

Bacon? Egg? Chives? Really not sure whats happening here?

Guacamole and Salsa, Great idea or blasphemy?

The Classic!

     designing a life with a much higher caloric intake
          Anna Felicity