Not looking for Redemption!!!

now i cant be ieve im saying this over the world wide web but this has been bugging me for ever!!!!!!
i was in a store the other day(and believe me im totally not racisist)but i saw a white girl(sorry i dont know how to spell cauchasion???)and a black guy just walking together(they were probably just friends)and and for a split second i had a double take!!!i saw it and i was like huh???them together??and then it was gone and i tottaly relised how wrong i was to even think it at all!!!!!and then it stuck with me and its still with me now and im not looking for forgivness becuase i now wut i thought cannot be forgiven(and i say thought becuz thats all it was and id never do anything to anyone???and now that ive told 'you the readers' all this ill try not to think of it ever again!!!!)and i starting to hate myself for even thinking it!!and ahhhhh i dont know wut to do??but i will figure it out!

PS gooe luck tomorrow vanessa!!!!!(on the test!!)
and ERICA!!!wow we're gonna have so much fun at conclave!!!!!!!

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