ok so im still working out the fine detials...but i think this blog thing will wrk out!!!lol
ok so today i got the x country meet with my new school!!
the 1st 3 yrs of my high school career i was going to the local public school and that was wrking out just fine for me!just great!!!then one day my cousin tells me shes gonna be going to the local(if you can call it that!!!)private school(i say that bcuz we get people from all over!!!!!the world!!!!)nywayz! so she wants me around for moral sopport!!and i get hooked!i just loved the school!!!!its so great!!i love it!so now i m there and i joined the cross country team...and im in the choir!!and a whole bunch of other stuff too!!!!
well thats my little bit of talking for now but yeah!!hope you all have a good day!

word of the day=stoic...you all can find out wut it means!!!!


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