ok so i was watching the tube(you know the thing that will eventually take over the world , thats if it hasn't already!!!LOL) and i this mc Donalds commercial came on and usually i try to ignore them cuz ewwww gross food!!nywayz!!i was wactching it and it was the one with the guy sitting on the bench in the park with the french fries. ive already seen this ad about 5 times so i no whats gonna happen so i just sorta blackly stared at the screen waiting for my show to come back on (Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!!!!! love it!!!)and something catches my eye!!

what is it you ask???

its some writing on the bench the guy is sitting on!!it says :


so now im facinated!!hmmm yet another brain wasing tactic???intrige us and then when we type it in we get directed to a mc donalds site????
its a site and i found it really quite frightening??i didn't really like it at all but i just thought i should let you all know!!u know let the "public" so to speak know??

well its for the brave, i think, but check it out?!?!?!


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