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Word of the Day for Monday April 4, 2005
amanuensis \un-man-yoo-EN-sis\, noun; plural amanuenses, \-seez\:
A person employed to take dictation or to copy manuscripts.

Wow they actullay have a word for that, I thought they were just called redorder's...jsut goes to show how loose my grip is on the extensivness of the english language!! Oh well at least its better then some people I know! Granulaited???

I have a friend

I have a friend who went to the Pink Floyd laser show and prophesied her death at the age of 26 by means of a sleeping pill overdose.
Her emotions are flowing, waving, shaking.
Like a heartbeat, blood flow, a heart beating but a heart with a mummer, a hole in it.
A hole that cannot be fixed by medical means.
She needs to be healed by love and hate, all emotions, experienced by her and her alone.
She needs to be able to sort those feelings out.
To think without restriction,
Without her own mind getting in the way.
Ask: Why does she need to be healed? Saved?
If she is to die when she is 26, at the tender and fragile age of 18, she doesn’t have much time left.
She can be left to experience the most important time of life.
The freest time of life…alone?
Embarking on new times…alone?
Feeling alone in the world…. and truly being alone?
Actually being alone!
Could she be left to hurt and ache?
She will die eventually…we all will.
No she is my friend, I will help her.
That what friends do.
They don’t judge and they don’t need to entertain.
They are there, just there.
When you’re feeling down, friends take you to Hon’s House of Noodles,
And buy you an oversized shirt from Hon’s House of Noodles.
That is what a friend does!
They don’t judge and they don’t need to entertain.
They are there, just there.
They take you out for coffee,
They hug you.
They hold you when you’re having a mental breakdown!
You want to bend spoons, and scream and cry, and smash your head open were in not for the pain.
Sometimes, when you don’t care about the pain, they hold you, and stop you from doing something crazy!
You can’t be there all the time, to hold them, but you always care.
On the horrible days, when the sun won’t and can’t shine,
They are thinking of you.
They don’t laugh, they don’t hit, they never criticize.
They know when you want to be alone.
They care.
They don’t judge and they don’t need to entertain.
They are there....just there.


Word of the Day for Saturday April 2, 2005
biddable \BID-uh-buhl\, adjective:
1. Easily led or commanded; obedient.
2. Capable of being bid.

But because they are sociable, biddable, obliging, stoic and generous, most are happy to join in. --Sue Montgomery, "The Nature of Horses," New Statesman, July 18, 1997
The chaotically organised event proved nothing more than that one charismatic individual can impose his will on a lot of biddable ones. --Thomas Sutcliffe, "Last night's television," Independent, May 2002
Both are calm, biddable, cooperative, sensible companions. --Bill McClure, "The right start," American Hunter, November 2003

I know a few people like this, and I know a few who are the oppisite, but more frighteningly, the numbers are near equal!