I have to give thanks!

i absolutly have to thank my good friend vanessa (who's blog link you can find to ur right)becuase she helped me set this blog up so much!!she gave me the guest book and the comments option(which i hope you all use!!!)and the counter!!she gave me so much!!and not only has she helped me figure out everything with my blog, she also helped me so much with all the problems ive had involving the issues in the blogs and so i just have to give

ok so the guy who i asked the question to has not yet answered but i think i no the answer(or some possible answers)(and he may read this blog so he may even take some of my answers and throw them back at me ;and if he does i want him to no he would b an asshole for doing that!!if ur gonna reject me at least get ur own reasons!!!!)


2)ur just too good of a friend

3)im with someone else(which to the best of my knowledge hes not)(but i think he will be soon( not me)becuase i dont think he can breath too well on his own, he needs to breath used air if you no wut i mean)

4)i dont want to ruin wut we have

5)ur not my type(if anybody ever tried that on me id kill them !!!)(but then i wouldn't really b anybody's type??;id be a pysyco killers type??)

and im sure that all my readers can think of endless more (come on we've all got them b4, and if not , we've seen plenty on movies)
now im sure some of you may b wondering y ive had various well 'mood swings' toward (and away from)this paticular person. well my friends have played a big part in my feelings toward him, if i introduced him to a friend and she didnt like him then i would start to rethink my feelings toward him. and i one paticular situation, i introduced him to a friend(meaghan)and he seemed to like her more than he did me (i dont mean romantically but just as a person)(**he liked her??!!!**i dont think he did???)and being my good friend and noing of my feeling toward him she backed off and didnt encourage this!!(thank you)
when i told her wut i had done she said he was gonna say no
i was like huh????you think he'll say no and now im am where i am and now im waiting???just waiting???


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