Wierdest Dream

I had the stratngest dream right before I woke up ths morning. I woke up crying and when I really thought about I realized why. In the dream Middle Child and I had been adopted together for some reason. Well the adoptive parents wanted to keep her, but not me and since I'm 19 I had to 'declare' my independence. Well I tried say it to them but they wouldn't listen and I really didn't want to say it because if I did then, that ment I would have to leave Middle Child and never see her again. Well I went around to the back of the car they were sitting in and screamed through the window to the 'parents' if they could hear me and I said it to Middle Child but as I was saying it I started to cry.

"I *Full Name* declare my indepenence from my carers and agree to move out of the family home. I lay claim to half the profits from the sale of the home, and agree not to forward any bills for personal needs, food, housing, or school to your new address. In addition I agree not to contact (this is where I started crying in the dream) *Middle Child* under any circumstances, and in exchage, on the eve of her 19th birthday I will come take custody of her."

It was the strangest dream and when I woke up I had tears streaming down my cheeks. It all makes sense in a twisted way though. Last night Middle Child said we were the closest things to sisters we each had ever had (since neither of us have sisters) and I guess that's why in the dream I became her 'sister'. Also, I think right now I am really anxious about moving out eventually and the bills with school and everything else I've been getting pu me in quite a bit of debt. At the same time I think I subconsiensly realize that that's all part of growing up and I just need to deal with it, but Middle Child will be there for me if and when I really need her. The part about the house is super clear because we're trying to see our house right now! I think the part about me wanting to take custody of her is my wanting to protect her, and right about the time I was having my dream she was probably on her way to get her wisdom teeth out!

It was interesting way to wake up and my day really seemed to go downhill when I took a sip of my coffee on the drive out and it was ICE COLD, nothing worse then COLD COFFEE, at least when your expecting hot!

Word of the Day for Sunday August 27, 2006
habitue \huh-BICH-oo-ay; huh-bich-oo-AY\, noun:
One who habitually frequents a place.

Richmpnd No More and Other England Girl go to the same coffee place in richmond everytime they go out for coffee, they don't even have to order their drinks, they just go in and pay, and the drink they want appears!

Word of the Day for Monday August 28, 2006
aegis \EE-jis\, noun:
1. Protection; support.
2. Sponsorship; patronage.
3. Guidance, direction, or control.
4. A shield or protective armor; -- applied in mythology to the shield of Zeus.

Ahhh, the shield of Zeus...I'm told it's important, or at least I assume it is!

Word of the Day for Tuesday August 29, 2006
sui generis \soo-eye-JEN-ur-us; soo-ee-\, adjective:
Being the only example of its kind; constituting a class of its own; unique.

I'm unique, your unique, we're all unique!!

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