I Will...

I Will Lines ( to be said in a monotone voice):

I will smother you in your sleep

I will run you over with my car

I will eat your first born child

I will put you under my house and crush you with it

I will kill your family

I will call the police...and you will go to jail

I will shoot you with a stapler

I will destroy you

I will obliterate you

I will eat your face

I will send you to space in a rocket and you will never come back...ever

I will set your house on fire

I will set your clothes on fire

I will set YOU on fire

I will poison you...with arsenic....or cyanide

I will force feed you...till you die

I will set a plauge of locusts on you

I will hire a witch and curse you

I will make a voo doo doll of you....and put pins in it....lots of pins

I will send you to France

I will shoot you...in the face

I will hold you at gun point..for many hours

I will put you through Chinese Water tourture

I will make you learn Chinese

I will make you eat a whole wheel of cheese

I will drop you from a plane

I will cut your internet connection

I will......any more?

Vanessa's: I will send my attack falcon on you

I will make you into road splatter

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