Very tired this morning

You may ask "Why are you so tired?? Well I'll tell you! Last night I went with Little French Girl <<<(by the way that's an alias!) to a free play on Granville Island...two of my favorite things and FREE!! I went to the play, and had a great time! It was good, and I'm always a fan of a good Shakespeare, and it was "Much Ado About Nothing", one of my favorites. I was planning on turning in early and heading home after that play, because I hadn't been feeling well yesterday afternoon, but as I was pulling off Granville Island, I called Little French Girl to confirm that I was driving a 740 Turbo, with intercooler, ( re: previous diccussion) and She said that She had another free ticket for an improv show. Well how could I say no to FREE improv!! I turned the car around, by going around the block, God bless the grid system, and actually got exactly the same parking space! For those of you who don't know there are essencially two types of Improv, the kind with audience participation, and the kind without. This was the better kind, the kind where as an audiance member you can yell out random things, and people won't think your crazy! Well they usually won't! Well we took our seats, me, Little French Girl, and Little French Girls co-worker, and our first impression was a very exitable man (who has apperently been in the business, improv business, for 23 years) asking us to yell out "rooms in the house". The basics came out, "bathroom", "kitchen", as well as "tourture chamber", "pantry" and "massage room"! Next he wanted us to think of professions, and "teacher", "doctor" etc. came out, as well as "gymnist", and one of mine "Colorectal Surgeon". He paticularly liked that one because of the specificness of it! At other points in the night we were collectivly able to yell out "Spagehtti Western", "I was attacked by a 7 year old", and "Cheese!" The evening was VERY good, and VERY funny!! Unfortunatly we didn't get the tickets to the Canadians game for having the best suggestion, but if I had only held onto the surgeon one! Oh well, live and learn! I drove Little French Girl home, as well as co-worker, who incidently borrowed a very old copy of the Wizard of Oz comic from my back seat. It really is quite cool! I assumed my night was coming to close as I was driving up my street, but as I pulled into my driveway, I saw a shape taht sent shivers through my spine! A racoon! The one thin in the world I can't stand. They scare the Hell outta me, and while it's productive in de-Sataning me, It's scary! I got out of th car, and well, through my keys at them! It seemed to work, but then they came out of the bushes and went to PICK UP MY KEYS! BASTARDS!! I screamed and called Mom on my mobile and she kindly came down albiet a little tipsy ( bless!) and opened the door, scaring them away! I finally finished my evening by signing onto MSN, a must of course, and checking my e-mail. No e-mails from one person (Across The World) ,I wanted an e-mail from Him, to confirm I'm making the right choices, and no e-mail from the one who I'm supposed to making the right , or wrong as it might be, choice towards. I realize that was more confusing than is nessecary, but I suppose of you know who you are, you know who you are!

Word of the Day for Saturday August 19, 2006
supposititious \suh-poz-uh-TISH-uhs\, adjective:
1. Fraudulently substituted for something else; not being what it purports to be; not genuine; spurious; counterfeit.
2. Hypothetical; supposed.

Thank God I don't think I know anyone like this....but would I know if I did?

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