When did applying for Post Secondary education become so hard, for that matter, was it ever easy?

Is this akward, tiresome, and utterley exhausting process designed to weed out those clearly not smart enough for College or Univesity?
I know for a fact that the procedures involved in applying for, getting into and actually going to a Post Secondary Education school were most definatly thought up by a commitee of one form or another, designed to confuse and enrage any potential student, so that only those who can really stand up to that kind of mental and sometimes even physical abuse actually make it into the school!
Last June I applyed to 4 schools, 2 Universities (UBC and UVic) and 2 Colleges(Kwantlen and Langara). For those of you who are unfamilar with the Canadian educational system, in lamens terms a University is better, and more expensive then a College, and their required GPA is quite often a lot higher! Suffice to say I didn't get into the two Universities I applyed for! My final English grade wasn't high enough? I did however get into both Colleges I applyed for. Before going away for the year I decided I wanted to go to Langara (the better of the two) and I differed my application with them for a year.
Now here's where it starts to get fun!
I re-activated my account with them from England (God bless the internet) and was all set to apply for my courses. Unfortunatly my registration date fell right on the wrong day, my flight day, so while I was somewhere over Iceland, Mom was getting me all set for my Post Secondary experience....or so she thought!
All of my courses were being registered when suddenly the system told her I was unable to take my english course? Well that was a problem! I need to take English, that's one of the requirments!
That's okay....we're can sort it out when I land in Canada!
I land a few days later we head down to my campus, and ask some questions, go on a wild goose chase, following various notes on office doors leading us to more doors and more notes, and eventually finding ourselves in the "English Department Administration Offices" , now doesn't that sound official!
The upshot of the whole thing is that I was 2 percentages off passing Langara College requirment for english, I have to take the LET ( Langara English Test)! $40 later I'm all signed up! I mean it's not the $40, $40 is not that much, but that is on top of everything else I have paid out to them over the past 2 years now, and I haven't even been to one class yet! I need to take a test to prove that I can speak English! English is my first, and (I'm ashamed to admit it) only language! What else do they propose I write my papers in...Portugese!? Latin!? Maybe I could write it in my own 'made up' language, then I can just tell them if I'm right or not!

My apologies, I know I just had a little rant, and I think a SUBJECT CHANGE is in order.

Tonight I watched two movies, and caught 2 enormous spiders at my own personal intermission!

The first movie I watched was Room With a View. I really enjoyed it and the Charlotte character is a prime, albiet extreme exmple of polite society in the early 1900s. It's a comedy and very much has the slow and collected pace of some of the finer movies produced in the mid-eighties. Mom says it's a classic Merchant/Ivory production and I am very much inclined to agree!

Background the intermission of my evening.
Night before last there was a REALLY big wolf spider crawling on the fireplace. I'm not the type of girl who will get up and scream for someone else to do something about a spider, but this was one big fucking spider! I screamed for Mom and together we ( it was a joint, and I might add man free moment), trapped that BIG FUCKING SPIDER under our BIG FUCKING DRINKING GLASS! Haha, take that Spider! You think you're so great!
Well the spider sat there for 2 days, and even when I moved the glass earlier today, it was still alive in there! Wow, that's one strong spider!
Then tonight, there I was lying on the couch, minding my own business, when a BIGGER FUCKING SPIDER crawled all over my fireplace, well this I would NOT stand for! Mom was also opposed, and together we decided that the glass with paper over it manouver would be to dangerous, for us and the spider....so we decided to Hoover the bastard! Now while technically I don't think our vaccum cleaner is a Hoover, Hoovering something is a near internationally recognized phrase for vaccuming something up so you never have to see it again, and it just sounds cool! Well Mom got the 'Hoover' out while I kept my eye on our newest arrival. He was all curled up in the top corner of the fireplace and no doubt saying his last prayers. I'm sure he found God when that Hoover started up and the deafining roar of that little engine was muffled into a dull hum while he was being sucked down that tube at about 40kms/hr! Well, he wasn't alone for long in that dust filled solitary confinment. Moments later Mom and I both looked at the still alive one under the glass, and since we had no intenton of releasing it without setting up some kind of pulley and rope system so as to release him with ourseves at a distance of at least 10 feet, and we had no time to set up such a system, and the Hoover was already running, we decided, almost without saying as much to each other, that he was better off in the Hoover, with his friend...or enemy fighting over prime fireplace real-estate...I'm not sure?


The second movie I watched was The Anarchist Cookbook. That movie was....interesting. It did at times have Fight Club tendentcies, but that might have just been because the main character reminded me of Edward Norton. I was actually really happy with the way that movie ended (not to give it away) but making it clearly a coming of age story, and showing that no matter how old you are, everything is a learning experience. We all do things, we all have actions to put it in literal terms, and the movie just showed (much like Fight Club) the immediate and sometimes explosive reprocussions of our actions!


I bought a new shirt and shrug today at LeSenza. I'm going to wear it for running and the Yoga class I'm going to take with Little French Girl. It's really comfortable, but I was left with an uncomfortable feeling when I left the store. Big Red works at LeSenza and she started at 4:30 today. She was late because she got caught in some very unexpected traffic, and she was about 5 minutes late, if that. The traffic always happens that time of day, but apperently it was really bad today, I think there was an accident?
Well I was already in the store when she arrived, and she started work right away, and literally before I even had time to buy the two items, Big Reds manager was talking to her, outside the store, and it looked a little serious. So while I was really pleased with my purchases today, I left the mall feeling very uneasy, and still haven't even had a chance to talk to Big Red about it?


Brother comes home tomorrow! I'm going to see Brother for the first time in literally a year, I left about this time last year! I'm going to see Brother!

Word of the Day for Thursday August 24, 2006
denizen \DEN-uh-zuhn\, noun:
1. A dweller; an inhabitant.
2. One that frequents a particular place.
3. [Chiefly British] An alien granted certain rights of citizenship.
4. An animal, plant, etc. that has become naturalized.

Well that word actually covers quite a few possibilities!
Hmmm...I inhabit my home, and I frequenty visit the Tsawwassen Mall.
I'm not and 'alien' in Canada or England, so I suppose that one doesn't apply for me, but would it apply in another country or not since it says it's 'Chiefly British'?
I personally, currently have no naturalized plant parts on me, or on my person....score! Or maybe even Skor!

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