Well I might just start writing in this again...

Well I didn't write in this blog once really when I was in England, and I really should have! Oh well, live and learn!
I figure I might as well write in this again, but of course, I always say that every summer, and then all of a sudden September rolls around and I have no time to write in this! I might just try to make this year, the exception...maybe!
Well right now my family is over, and were having pasta!!! Good times! It's a little odd right now because when I say my family I literally mean all my family that's in the lower mainland right now.
This is a rare occurance for us right now. Uncle, Aunt, and Youngest are currently heading to somewhere near Edmonton, to pick up Middle Child, who has spend the summer working at an air cadet camp.
They are going to be near Brother who has been in Edmonton for the summer, also at camp.
Soon Family will all be home, and we can have real family dinners, but for right now it's just me, Mom, 360 Days Cousin, and Uncle Who's Not , who talks a lot and is currently going on and on and on about how 360 Days Cousin and I couldn't read an instructional pamphlet to save our lives....oh gosh....how funny! ( SARCASM!!!!)

Word of the Day for Thursday August 17, 2006
fortuitous \for-TOO-uh-tuhs; -TYOO-\, adjective:
1. Happening by chance; coming or occurring by accident, or without any known cause.
2. Happening by a fortunate or lucky chance.
3. Fortunate or lucky.

I think I've had one of those recently!

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