Mom and I were on our computers, and she turned hers off stating she was " Off the airwaves" And I replied "No your not, not really. No one ever is, not anymore."
We got into quite the discussion about technology and how quickly it's evolved, especially in the last 5 years! I noted that in our house alone ( now that Brother is home) we have 3 computers, all hooked up to a network together, and wireless internet. 3 cellphones, a land line, a fax line and at least two TVs set up on cable.
My earliest memory of technology is when we switched from dial up to cable hook-up internet, and now we're on wireless! The advances are inspiring and disturbing!
Mom told me all about her real life experiences with the newest technological developments, ie. actually having a PC! Being the first person on her street to have a computer in her own home, and this was 20 years ago!!
Her favorite story about that old thing is:

"I was writing up the Christmas Card list and accidently hit the wrong button, and 'Oh Shit'! The computer was now re-orgnizing the list in alphabetacal order. So, I went upstairs, cooked dinner, we ate dinner, I cleaned the dishes, we had coffee and watched a little TV. I went downstairs and the computer was just about done! Oh, did I mention there were 110 names on the list?! Two and a half hours for 110 names!!!!"

Technology is a scary thing, I just hope we one day catch up with ourselves.

Word of the DayFriday August 25, 2006
robustious \roh-BUHS-chuhs\, adjective:
1. Boisterous; vigorous.
2. Coarse; rough; crude.

I say that 'boisterous' is a positive word...lively!
But I've always believed 'crude' to be a negitive word...rude!
How confusing, but none-the-less I will definatly try to use that word tomorrow!

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