A few words (ahem) "Noodle, bicycle, mint, chopstick, necktie, roast beef." Thank you.

I'm going out tonight and it'll be the first time I've been to a club in Vancouver. We're going out to the Stone Temple with Richmond No More for her 19th birthday!
I figured the clubbing would be quite similar to the clubbing in England, but according to Other England Girl it's quite different, and I will apperently be dissappointed?
We'll see!

Word of the DaySaturday for August 26, 2006
provender \PROV-uhn-duhr\, noun:
1. Dry food for domestic animals, such as hay, straw, corn, oats, or a mixture of ground grain; feed.
2. Food or provisions.

Wow, that really doesn't affect my life at all! It may have previously when I used to own a horse, and it would if I ever joined the Army like Brother, but for right now I just need to go eat a decent, full meal before I go out drinking for the night!

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