Shooting Extravaganza!

So there I was, standing at the shooting range, holding a 9mm in my hands! First of all the power you feel when simply holding this thing is unreal, and that feeling is only magnified when you pull that trigger, and the kickback could take you off your feet if you're not prepared! It's a bit of a frightening thought when you think about it, when you relaize that if pointed in the wrong direction you could cirtainly kill someone with this!!
Thats not the only gun I shot yesterday either, I also got my hands on a biringham small arms rifle ( I think taht's what it's called?), which was apperently used in the Nationals and in the right hands, actualy did fairly well! I also shot a Anshutz, which REALLY hurt my wonky shoulder, but I really wanted to go shooting!
The background to this event is that Uncle Who's Not, has been wanting to take me up shooting ever since I've been back from England, so I can get better and go against Middle Child. Middle Child it extremly competitive! We all know it, even She does!! The point is that she was in Air Cadets and was on the Bi-Athelon team with them, and knows how to shoot! I don't actually know how good she is or not, but Uncle Who's Not would just LOVE to see me, someone's who's never been in Air Caets, and have NO DESIRE to be, beat one who's "very good"!
I realize many people may have a plethera of ethical issues with gun use, and may think think it's wrong, or only encouraging violence, but it the defense of those who have shot a gun before, and genuinly enjoyed it, I say that having a range to go to, and practice at, is FAR safer then just going out into the forest and shooting off the gun! Hikers and various wildlife alike can all breath easy! I will however state that I have a bit of a problem with hunting, but at he same time I think that opens a whole new can of worms, and won't get into that, at least not toady!
Other then all those issues surounding picking up a gun and shooting at a paper target, on a beautiful sunny day, I REALLY ENJOYED IT!! I was with someone who cares enought about me to make that all happen, I was with someone who cares enough about me to want to spend time with me...the crazy me, and it was really good too! Thank you Uncle Who's Not!

Word of the Day for Sunday August 20, 2006
renege \rih-NIG; -NEG\, intransitive verb:
To go back on a promise or commitment.

Definatly can't think of anything like that for yesterday...maybe for today though??

Word of the Day for Monday August 21, 2006
vagary \VAY-guh-ree; vuh-GER-ee\, noun:
An extravagant, erratic, or unpredictable notion, action, or occurrence.

Me everyday!

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