Changes, CHanges, CHAnges, Everything changes, CHANges, CHANGes, CHANGEs, CHANGES

So here I am sitting at my round, 300 year old, kitchen table eating pizza thats a mere 3 days old. The reason I mention the age of my pizza is because I'm reminded of my life in England, and my bizzare eating habits I had there. I was raised by the type of woman who often says things like " Oh, the cheese is fine, just cut the mould off!" and "That food is still good, just dust it off!" I may have taken that way of life to far when I ate maccaoni and cheese that was 3 weeks old, but it was fine!
Now that my mind has wondered from my life in England, it's moved onto life here. I'm making a lot of changes in my life right now (i.e. new friends, new school, soon new job, and even new hair cut) and it's so strange how smoothly it's all going!!
I got my hair cut, and got 4 and half inches taken off. When your hair was about 17 inches before and curly, having it shorter but strait, no one really notices, and I look kind of ordinary now! When it goes curly agian though, it'll be a bit of a Shirley Temple thing going on! The only thing tht stops mre from getting ahircut all the time though it that it cost $77.91, with tip and a new hair 'product'.
I'm looking for a new job too, but have no idea what I'm really qualified for? I suppose I'll have to go apply at local coffee shops, botiques, and grocery stores! Fun!
One thing I am really looking forward to, but is scaring me the most right now, is starting school! I am really looking forward to my classes, and what I'm taking ( PSYC!), but at the same time I am so worried about not doing well, and just failing at some aspect of it. Not nessecarily the classes, but not getting the most out of it that I can, or ( I know it sounds stupid and childish) people not liking me?


I went out to all-you-can-eat sushi with Mom yesterday, and we do it everytime, order too much, and eat too much! It's just so good though! I realize raw fish isn't some peoples thing, but this place also has the little grills in the table, and you can get terriaki beef, chicken, or pork, and then cook it yourself! So good, and so filling! Such a good price for All-you-can-eat too! About $10 per/person for lunch!
Shabusen Japanese Yakiniku House on Granville! Amazing!
Later on today, Mom and I are heading out to Langley and I get to drive...And I LOVE driving, even if some people find it scary in the car with me?


Little French Girl is coming over later on tonight after her work is finished (oh yes, she actually has a job, Oh My!) and we're going to watch Transamerica. Anyone seen it? What's it like?

Word of the Day for Teusday August 22, 2006
tete-a-tete \TAYT-uh-TAYT; TET-uh-TET\, adjective:
1. Private; confidential; familiar.
1. A private conversation between two people.
2. A short sofa intended to accommodate two persons.

Interesting how a word of the day in English is actually French. God bless the English language and its thieving ways!

Word of the Day for Wednesday August 23, 2006
expiate \EK-spee-ayt\, transitive verb:
To make amends for; to atone for.

Look deep here people, has there recently been a situation where this was called for? What do you have to make amends for? Who did you hurt? Who hurt you?

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