Well it saves you from having to wear a nametag...

Last Sunday, Mom had a stall in the local farm market. She was selling pillows, bags, nightgowns and other sewn items. The market runs everyother Sunday in the summer, along one of the oldest' streets in Ladner, and there is one market left. In exchange for helping her I got a free bolster pillow. Good times, I love it, it's pink! (kind of looks like a giant dinosaur pill)
I do have a point behind this blog, but I'm just building up to it!
Last night Mom and I were sitting around the kitchen table (which we do A LOT!) and she was thumbing through a 'sew news' magazine and came across a skirt which remeinded her of something that had happened at the market while I was taking a walk:

"The other day at the market a girl, well woman I suppose, came into the stall and she had the most intersting skirt on, a little short, and a bit mish-mashed in styles, but I actually complimented her on it.
'Oh I really like your skirt'
'Oh yeah....' she gumbled back
"She continued to look at the night gowns (this is still Mom talking) and came across the short one and I said:
'Oh yes, that one can be worn as a nighty or as a shirt on the street!'
'Well you couldn't wear it in Vancouver!' She replied indignantly.
"Well anyways(Mom still), she wandered off, obviously not purchasing anything.....what I should have said was:
'Oh I really like your skirt, it's saves you from having to wear a nametag that says 'Ho'!'
"Well I should have!...."

Mom and I continued to repeat this line ("Well it's saves you from having to wear a nametag that says 'Ho'.") at random moments of silence thoughout the evening, afterwhich we both burst into fits of giggles, and it felt like I never went away.

Word of the Day for Friday August 18, 2006
adumbrate \AD-uhm-brayt; uh-DUHM-\, transitive verb:
1. To give a sketchy or slight representation of; to outline.
2. To foreshadow in a vague way.
3. To suggest, indicate, or disclose partially.
4. To cast a shadow over; to shade; to obscure.

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