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I'm not exactly kind to my auntie Jackie, but I have just thought of an amazing Birthday present that I can give her this year, that I think will make up for my cruelty over the past years.
Which is worse, to hurt someone to their face, or to say hurtful things behind their back??
Is it right to mock someone when they just don't understand, or are you walking a thin line , on the other side is prosecuting against handicapped people, and mentally retarded people. Where is the line between making fun of someone who can't help it, ( because of a disablilty) and making fun of someone because they just don't get a joke.
Someone can just not get a joke but be a fucking genius!
I do think we make fun of people to make ourselves feel better, but I liked to hope that one day, people will move on form that and simply feel good enough about ourselves, that we don't need to push other people below us.
When will we by able to show our true feelings to each other without the fear of being wrong or rejected. Some people think the solution to that is marriage, but there are some marriage's where those involved don't even talk to each other about serious things.
I mean what is our life though, Before we were born, we have no proof of where we were, and after we die, we have no proof of where we go
some people could hypothesize, that we are here only for a while and in a religious sense when we are not here, we are with a God like figure, but when he/she/it puts on this earth it to give us a chance to better it in the short time we have. The only problem is we spend the first half of our lives figuring hurt what the problem is, and the second half feeling depressing and doing nothing because we feel we are aunt big enough, strong enough, or able to change anything in this world single handedly.
I don't want to get into a debate over the purpose of life, but I do like to think that the purpose of like is two-fold. Firstly, it is to find the purpose of life. And secondly, if you find your purpose in life, fulfill it, and find your next one. Everyone have many purposes in life, they are infinite, and will continue to line up and wait their turn as long as you live, and maybe even after you die. We have no shortage of our own personal purposes, and every once in a while, people purposes will overlap, and they will help each other out, and complete each other's, and move on to the next one. I like to think that when two people's purposes overlap, considering the brevity of ours lives ( in the grand scheme of things ) the over lap's do not happen often, but when they do, you've just found your soul mate. This is not the case for all overlap's of course, but sometimes, it just happens and if you can recognize that, you are the luckiest person in the world.
I was also considering the purpose of marriage and about a week after I was thinking about it, I watched " Shall we Dance" ( a terrific movie, I suggest everyone ignore the stupid critics, and watch it!!) but in it they is a discussions about the purpose of marriage, and there are two explanations. The first is that people get married because of passion, but the second, and the one I prefer, is that people get married to have a witness to their lives. If our lives are so brief, and the only record we really have of them is our family, we need a witness. I don't mean the only record of us is family. I mean the only record for our lives is family. We have paper documents for every part of our lives, form birth, to marriage, to death and a tombstone, but the only proof that we LIVED is in the people we lived with. People get married to have a witness to their fears, and their loves ( you can't record that on a file ): to have a witness to our joys, and to our shared memories. We need someone to validate our lives, if we are only here to be here, then some people feel we need to be recognized as being here. They want to be checked off on the list as present and accounted for, and marriage is how they do it.
so the next logical question is, why do marriages " fall apart" ( I have fall apart in brackets, because I think it's a trend. 50 years ago, divorce just didn't happen, but that's not to say it didn't exist. (t's been around since that kind who did that thing that time, with the new church) but how many people can say their grandparents got divorced. I'm sure some of them did, but there's not that many!!But how many people can say their parents are divorced, quite a few more. This leads me to the obvious conclusion that is is a fad!)
so why do they fall apart?? Because people think they already have a witness to their lives ( often in their children ) and they see no need for a husband or wife anymore. They are too hasty, they are so used to a fast paced world, with a universe of information at their fingertips ( much like you have it at your fingertips right now!!) and they have although that pops into their head, and they carry it out. I just think everyone is too hasty, we all need to slow down and take a breather. I think at times I might just be happier living 50 years ago.
In conclusion I want to try to be nicer, and not judge people so much. I'm making an over-hasty opinion, of their over-hasty presentation of themselves. If that makes sense. If not ask me I'll try to explain it a little better.

Finished at 10:41 pm, I typed quick on that one, I guess I had a few thoughts on my mind!

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