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Understanding the Emotional Merit of Decisions

When we are Children, all of our decisions are in black and white. Our entire world is in black and white. Once we grow older all of our decisions enter a grey area. In order to clarify our decisions we remove the emotional attachment from our decisions. We will make our decisions based on materialistic factors such as the cost, the availability of the materials involved, or the likelihood of success. A child will base their decision on the emotion they attached to each outcome. In order to have a better relationship with your child there are a few things you can do. First, you must have an understanding of the decision making process a child goes through. Once you understand that you can begin to ask them to do things more easily. In a sense you need to reconnect with your inner child, and even if you don’t agree with your child, you need to understand their emotional attachment to the decisions they make. When trying to explain something to your younger child, if you attach an emotion to your statement, you will have a much better response then if you try to explain using materialistic pro’s and con’s. For example:
If you child is asking for something in the super market that you can’t afford try saying this:
“Spending the money on that instead of these groceries would make me (mommy/ whatever your called) very sad.”

Accepting and understanding you child’s emotional attachments to their decisions will help you to become more in touch with your child, and how they view the world. Once you understand why they make these decisions, you can start to figure out how to affect and influence their decisions towards the right things in life.
How did that sound??
Like a real psycologist wrote it??
I made it up on my way home.

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