Kick puppy's, push over the elderly, and BOYCOT VALENTINES DAY!!

“They" always tell you to think positively, but what if that's harder then it’s supposed to be? How hard is it supposed to be to think positively? Sometimes its easy and sometimes I find it near impossible. If we are all supposed to have somebody we can tell EVERYTHING too, who is mine? I can think of someone, but he’s 7567 kilometres away. He is soon to be 10816 kilometres away. But can I really talk to him either? Do I just think I can talk to him or is that a lie too? Am I lying to my self? A few songs are coming to mind as I write this…and I don’t know if they really work for this thought, but they certainly are bringing out all these emotions in me!
They are:
Run Forrest Run-Alan Silverstrin
Nobody’s Home-Avril Lavign #
Let Me Go –3 Doors Down #
My Happy Ending – Avril Lavign #
Blink 182 – First Date *
There is – Box Car Racer
Vindicated – Dashboard Confessional #
The Book of Love – Peter Gabriel *
Out of My Head – Fastball #
You’re an Ocean – Fastball *
Now we are free – Gladiator Soundtrack *
Knocking on Heavens Door – Avril Lavign *
HELP! – The Beatles #
What if God Was One of Us? - Joan Osborne *#
Like Toy Soldiers – Eminem
Concrete Angel – Martina McBride *
God is a DJ – Pink
Flower – Anon.
The blood of Cu Chulain - Mychael Danna
Absolutely (Story of a Girl) – Nine Days Grace *
Oasis – Wonderall
Shut Up – Simple Plan #
Jaded – Our Lady Peace
Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon
Banditos – Refreshments
* = These are the ones that could make you sick of love, or comfort you in love.
# = These are the songs that kinda make me indifferent toward anything that could exist between two people.
If it ain't marked, then I don't know how I felt towards them but there was something there that gave me a little "twang".
So whether your love sick or sick of love, these songs will get something churning in your heart, love or hate.
I think I’m going to think “Realistically”.

Later on I will be writing aobut the connection between Smell and Memory.

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