Basically what I was going to add to the last post, was that my mom was being different. Everyone knows she's usually cool, and most of my friends not her easygoingness, but all of a sudden she's laying down the law!!. Oh well, everything will be easier going after I finish highschool, she was the same way with my brother, and now they only fight about who's going to do the dishes, like always. Even it's less of a fight more of do the dishes. That's ususally it!
Moving on though....
I just got back form Tim Hortons, and why did I go to Tim Hortons you ask...?
Well probably not, because why would you care!But I'll tell you anyways!
We watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, and when it was over I was like, hey I feel like Tim Hortons, and Alex's is like " oh ok, lets go" and Dom JUMPS up and screams, "Get the CAR!!"
We run out of the house in a fury, I grab my shoes and run out bare foot, and put them on in the car!! We stopped at a gas station to fill up the car, and Dom and I run over to Timmy's! So great!!! We sat there for a while, Jo, Laura, and Michele were there, and there was this guy named Carl ( or Karl, I didn't ask how he spells it LOL!).Well Alex and Dom left me but they came back a while later and took me home, they're off to Vancouver, for NO reason...Who knows!! Anyways, I have to go to bed, because I have pancakes to make tomorrow for pancake Saturdays, all welcome, it's a tradition!

Finished at 11:06pm
PS Congratulations John. And Curt for your prestigious position on the Ladner McDonald's Baseball team!!

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