I got the letter today, and i got into the GAP pogram. I have a placement in England (though I don't know where yet) and basically the wheels are in motion!
I guess it all a good thing, but I'm not as excited about it as I thought I would be. I guess th excitment will eally kick in once i find out where exactly I'm going, and how it's all logisically going to happen. I only wish I had applyed to UBC as well, and some other Universityies, because I think it's too late now, and i never could figure out how to apply online anyways. I think now i can rea;;ly atart to focus on my school work, because I have a plan of where I'm gooing now, and it all suddenly sound's so approachable.
Another thing is that on my placement it said I was all set to go to a Care School, and I suddenly Realised, does that mean a school for children who are Mentally Disabled?? Don't get me wrog, I definatly think that school for childen like taht are great, and I also think that there are plenty of people on this earth that are really well suited for work there, I jsut don't think I'm one of them?? I'm not the Mother T type?
Oh well, i guess I am happy?

Byezers Anna
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