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So I'm at school right now and wow am I bored. I get off school ( classes ) at 2: 10 and now I have to wait until 3:30 till I have to go to an Annie practice. I'm doing the costumes for my school's presentation of Annie, and I have bad feeling I'm a little over my head. I think I can get it all done, but I'm literally going to have to spent every spare minute on it once I get started. I really hope I don't mess this up horribly, because I would really like to put this experience to my name and be proud of it. I would defiantly consider a career in costumes for the theater, or movies. I think I would really enjoy that and I think it would always be new and interesting. As for tight now I really should be working on my biology, I mean its only the second week back and I'm already falling behind a little. I was sick on the first Tuesday back for goodness sakes!!

I also have a confession to make and I'm not sure if I want to say this, but I guess I could operate on the theory and everything about me is me and the truth, so I should say it ( although operating on the theory of don't ask don't tell also works!!) Anyways, I went to a party on Friday and I made out with a 24 year old and I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to date any guys more than 3 years older than me and that's a stretch! Also, I actually don't really like making out, I don't see what all the fuss about it is?? I guess I'm just seriously fucked up!! But, we all knew that already!So anyways, this guy was 7 when I was born and even though it doesn't really make a difference when your older I defiantly think it does when your 17 and 24! I also have to comment on the legal age of consent. Has anyone EVER met a 14 year old who is sound of mind enough to judge between a decent person (up to the age of 19) and the kind of person who but the time they are 19 and still like 14 year olds should be called a pedi!!!I mean I would never want to leave that decision up to a 14 year old, when your 14 you'd do anything to fit in with the older teenagers, whether you know it or not and the fact the a 14 year old kid can fuck a 19 year old and the parents can't do a fucking thing about it is sick!! How the hell would you feel if you had a kid who just turned 14 and the most important thing your worried about is if they are fitting in at school and next thing you know they say " Oh umm, I'm pregnant/ I got a girl pregnant." If you had a daughter and some 19 year old knocked her up, you would want the son-of-a-bitch put in jail for what he did, but it's LEGAL!!! What if your daughter was born on December 31, so she's a really young 14, and that asshole is born on January 2. That means if he knocks her up on January 1st, it's legal!!!
the next worst thing is if the girl says she's older than she is, or lets the guy assume she's older then she is, then what?? Then, if he has a good lawyer, he gets off!Hell, the lawyer doesn't even have to be that good! Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm relating any of this to what I did, but I still think it's wrong and I still think any 14 year old who has sex that young and even if she doesn't get pregnant or anything like that, will still regret it!
I have another point. I am technically allowed to date an 80 year old. If you are 14 you can date up to a 19 year old, and if you are 17 you can date up to any age. And, if my parents agree, I could marry an 80 year old!!, One the fucking sick, and two, I'm sure its happened once! I don't' necessarily think it has happened between a 17 and 80 year old, but I wouldn't be surprised if an 18 or 1 year old married any age above them whether it be through an arranged marriage( yes they happen in Canada) or if it was for " love".

I think Canada seriously needs to revise it's laws. It's like this:

The legal drinking age in Canada is 19, and kids start drinking when they're about 15/16 on average ( that taking into account those who (a) never drink, (b) don't drink till they are 19+)

The legal consent age in Canada is 14(to 19)/17(to adult) and honestly, on average what really happens is 12(to any age they want)/ 16 (to any age they want) .

If they honestly didn't want people to drink until they 19, I hate to say it but, take the states lead . Their legal drinking age is 21 and the kids don't even start drinking till about 18. So if we really didn't want people to start drinking until they were 19, make the age 22. That's just the way it is. In Japan I believe it 21 or 22 and it's the same deal as the states, the kids don't even start thinking about it until they are about 18/19.

So my thought is:
Make the legal age of consent 18 across the board, unless the people are the same age. I may want it to be 18 all stop, but if the people are the same age at least the peer pressure is technically lower. This way it probably going to start about age 15.

Well I've had my good rant now and I'm actually feeling a lot better!!

Finished 3:01 pm, wow that really was a great was to use up time, only half an hour to go!

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