I am a...

Simmering Seductress
For you to feel passionate about anything -- from slowly biting into a decadent piece of chocolate to sharing a heady convo with a guy at a party -- your senses must be engaged. "You're extremely in touch with what turns you on both mentally and physically, and you can find even the simplest things intriguing," says Logan Levkoff, a certified sex educator in New York City.
That's why you don't feel compelled to leap from one supercharged event to the next. "You know you can be a passionate person but still incorporate balance in your life," says Nancy Rosenbach, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in New York City and Long Island. "One day you might feel like going skydiving, but another day, you'd be just as happy chilling out at home with a big, juicy novel and a glass of wine."
Your frisky flexibility is also what puts guys at ease. "Because you're open-minded about what could potentially excite you, you don't make men feel as if they always have to live up to a certain fantasy," says Rosenbach. "When you're freed up to explore different sides of your personality together, sex will be better and your intimacy will deepen."


You're a pointy-toe stiletto/slingback!
The latest fashion magazines are your monthly bible. You love shoes so much that you ran out of room in your closet for shoe boxes, so the oven now doubles as a storage unit. You're always looking sophisticated and polished, even when you have jeans on, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker are your idols. Every seasonal trend is right up your alley, and most trends work back to things that are already in your closet. Looking great was never so easy!


Break out the flirty mesh and silk camisole sets.
You like to be comfortable, but you have been known to throw on the occasional sexy set for a special occasion. You wore a lacy white bra-and-panty set for the wedding, so why not keep things flirty for the honeymoon? Besides, you hope to keep things spicy in the bedroom for a long, long time.

Who knew??

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