My title

I was looking some other blogs, with title's among them like " Pappa Smurf is a Communist" and "Confessions of the Overdressed”, and I realized I like my title! It’s simple, to the point and leaves me open to diversity. I have read in the past a blog where the title had something to do with dunkin’ donuts ( an American company, so I’m spelling it Donuts, instead of the proper Doughnuts). In each article, the person made some reference to the company, and I found that extremely confining! With my title, I can just start blabbing on and on, and basically all I started out with was “Hia” albeit an excited “Hia!!” so writing something depressing is a little awkward, but I think my true personality comes out in the title, and sometimes I think we’re all entitled to a bad day!

I had the worst conversation/argument with my mom, and it’s was the kind of conversation where you just want the person to shut up and leaves you alone! But she wouldn’t and I’m sure it was one of those conversations where I’ll thank her for it later, but I’m not very happy with her right now. She forced me to talk about school, and how I’m fucking it all up ( my grade 12 year that is ) and every time I said I wanted to go ( we weren’t at home, so I couldn’t even storm dramatically up to my room ) she just said “ No, because I don’t think your understanding what I’m saying!!”. well she jsut freaked on me so i have to go!!I'll finish this l8r.

I could always change my title to Eh?
I do like that!

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