So...Where have I been?

I havne't written in my blog much recently becuase not a lot has happened all at once? Usually thats what it takes for me to actually write something. I have been receiving many of contact informations about people who know people who know people in England, for me to contact and get together with when I'm there. I think I have about 100 people to talk to and have lunch with, it's going to be "interesting"! I really am actully sooo excited about going there now! I'm sooo happy I got a GAP year, and I know it's going to be like the whole world being opened up to me, and now I'm realistically planning trips. I already have palned trips to all parts of Europe, and I'm soo excited to go places with people I know, and go places alone, independently! I'm going to experience all new experience's and it's going to sooo amazing!!!I know that now I can't wait!!!


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