The Classics

I love the Classics...movies I mean, they are all absolutely wonderful darling! With Aurdry, and Marilyn and all of them! They make holding a cat kissing the poor man you love, in the rain, look GLAMOROUS! They make eating in a deli GLAMOROUS! They make everything look wonderful! I love them! That's something I really need to stress this I love them. It's like " Breakfast at Tiffany's" everywhere though, in that movie and in all the other old movies.
I LOVE THEM. They make the world seem like its an okay place to be, and they do it all in formal gowns! I mean I guess it's kinda sad how in the end Marilyn Monroe was left in the gutters, and a complete alcoholic, and I actually don't know what happened to Miss. Hepburn, but I hope it was ok...? Anybody know? ( I Just found out so I'm adding it in here, very sad she died of colon cancer in 1993. How upsetting!)

I know its wrong of me but I'm happy Dom and Mo had a bad New Years, they left Vanessa and I High and Dry, Up creek without a Paddle, In a tree with no ladder, you get the idea! I know they said the couldn't leave the two Georges, but who cares, what kind of friends are they, making your friend sit with you in a vegetarian restaurant, not even knowing when midnight is...And making him listen to the two love birds proclaim their love, stating how much they are going to love each other in the new year! Then George has the nerve to call me up today and ask me for the address to this stupid swing dancing place, and he doesn't even apologize for making me go into downtown last night with just Vanessa ( even though I had a good time, he didn't know that, he didn't even ask!!!) So wut now am I like his emergency phone call in Vancouver, will he next have a card on him that says in case of emergency call this number, and its me...If he gets arrested, will I be he damn one phone call, well I hope not, because I'd probably hang up! But I wouldn't and he and everybody else knows it, a New years resolution is to be more assertive, less aggressive, but its not going to last, you care for people, you take care of them and your nice to them, and the y fucking walk all over you...Even the normally spineless ones kick the shit outta your kindness and leave you to die!
Well who cares about them, all of them, they can go home for all I care, and I know I said I would never retract a post on my blog ( or maybe I just thought it ) but I won't sensor myself, I won't feel this way forever, but I fucking do right now! Its not like i expect them to be my friend, and I do doubt they would pick me as a friend if they could, but no need to be sooo disregarding!!



1) Less Swearing--well thats going to be hard!

2) Exersise more--not something I'm looking forward too.

3) Less hitting--but it's so easy!

4) Be more assertive, and stand up for my opinions--thats going to be the hardest, but i think its the MOST important!

((( 5) (a samll unimportane one) next new years, don't be alone!)))

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