I'm doing pretty good with exams so far even though, I don't think I'm even doing that well on them. But I've gotten over the anxiety of wriing them and now I've just moved on to despair about my marks....?
Tonight's going to be good though, I was going to be going to a pantomime, but it's in town, and I don't want to get back too late because I have my one and only 9:00 AM exam tommorrow, so instead I'm going to stick with my regular thursday night routine and go over the Vanessas' house and watch the O.C., special Christmukkah addition, and things should get interesting between Ryan and Lindsay now that we know that big secret about Lindsay, but also, lets just thing about the last episode where Seth was going after Lindsay, yeah grossed out a little? I was!! I guess its a good thing Seth was completly obsessed over Summer, and didn't actully hook up with Lindsay, that would have been WRONG!!!!Well enought about all that! I'm going to go drink some tea now!

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