First days back.

I don't think I'm giving myself the best environment to go back to school after the winter holidays. During the holidays you go to sleep at midnight and get up at 1 in the afternoon. now all of a sudden I'm forcing my body to wake up a 6 in the morning, but I still can get to sleep until like 1 in the morning. Needless to say I crashed! I always do, I do to much, to fast, and to early in the morning, and my immune system dies! Today I got up at 8 o'clock, and went back to sleep. I was woken up my my phone ringing at 2 (damn telmarketers!!) and went back to sleep! Then at about 5 I woken up again by my bother and my mom talking, and this time I decided to wake up and walk around a little, I'm till up now ( it's 5:57 ) but god damn am I tired!! I think I'm going to go strait back to sleep again after the O.C. at nine! I will hopefully make it back to school by tomorrow, although I don't know why I would want too. It's not like I like school, and besides like three people, I don't really like my class, and lets face it people, it's school! Oh well, only 159 more days till closing cermonies and my "graduation ceremony" yeha thats right I'm counting down the days. but wait theres more!!!147 days till my 18th birthday, and ( if I get a GAP year, and I figure I'll be leaving about the 14th) 224 days till then. I know sad, pathetic, and freakishly organized in one!!


You know what the funnest game ever is? I will tell you!

Go to the airport and pick your victum. What you do is wave at that person from across the airport and then gesture to them to come over to you, and then go sit down at a table with your back to them. If your lucky, they'll come over like they know you. This is when you act confused! You say "oh no, I wasn't waving at you" but don't say who you were waving too. Then look beyond the person, in the originalish dirction, and wave again, but make sure there is no-one there, wave to no-one. They will be so confused. Just wave, motion to the "person", and sit there again with you back to the "person" again, have a book or something. If the real person trys to talk to you, completly ignore them, like they aren't making any noise AT ALL! They will go crazy!! If they try to sit at your table or anything, you can do one of two things. One: SCREAM! You crushed him!!! when they get up run over to the chair they were sitting on and just cry over it, like they killed a tiny tiny little friend of yours! Two: Just politly say that seat it taken, but act like they are a completly new person, like you've never seen them before. If they don't get up(because they are probably trying to piss you off by now) tell them again, and then wait a little bit. Then look over your shoulder, at no-one and say son\mething like " hey!, sorry umm this guy/girl won't get out of your seat??" Wait for a response." I know , I know, Well i don't know what to do either???" Then you can carry it on as long as you want. I usually end mine by getting up and going to another table, saying something like " Fine you can have it!" or I just walk away talling to the "person" and walk away till the other person can't see me anymore.

Finished at 7:03, January 13!

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