I finally found the answer

i finally figured ourt the differnce between hung and hanged.
Hung--> as in "I hung my jacket on the wall"
Hanged--> as in " He was hanged"

Hanged is done in percecution, hung is when you hang something on the wall etc. cool eh?
BUT: when somebody hangs themselve (as in not done i percecution against another person) it's "hung"

Hung-->" I hung my jacket on the wall."
-->" He hung himself."
Hanged-->"He was hanged by the member of the town."
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i used to alway find it really difficult to figured out the distace between affect, and effect but i came up with this nifty sentence.
"When you Affect something, it has been effected" and the two words are in alphzbetacle order! cool eh?(FYI: im Canadian, thats why i got the 'eh?' in here)


today i was in the libarary with Amy and Claire( we were doing a history thing, but that another story) and we were tlaking to a grade nine who was in there doing his math home work ( because he dosn't take gym but another story as well). Well he was telling us about a kid in his class who, his teacher was annoyed at him for some reason and in order to change the subject he started coulouring his teeeth, thats right his teeth, with a black sharpie marker. Now im sure we all know they are non toxic but still, the smell alone must have induced a simple gag reflex, dont' you think?
well anyway he was eventully asked to take it off but no one know exactly how he did it?? i guess that one will remain a mystery!


For history im have to do a breif biography of nicholas II last Tsar/Czar of Russia.Well we were in class and i must have said that i wanted to do nicholas like 10 time ( well maybe only about 5 but it felt like 10) and my teacher just didn't write my name down? WTF?
i mena we only have 8 kids in the class i could have wispered and he would have heard me? it was a total mystery moment?? well i did get him in the end but i was a very annoying moment!!
Later on when we were in the library i was talking to amy and calire about it and right when i was saying " either he's Deaf, Stupid or just plain RUDE!!" and right on the word rude my teacher walks into th room! *heart skip a beat* i hate when people sneak up on you like that!!well anyway i dont think he heard but but i guess he was already having hearing problems today???


so wow talk about a small world, amy's brother anf the guy who dosnt take gym are on the same swim team and they are both really good, we're talking like olympic levels one day, isn't that cool?
i thought is was...GO 2010!!!

well i think i have truly exahusted my brain for today( wow i did more work here then i did at school today) oh yeha one more thing, laura gave me a ride home today cuz she saw me when she passed by me, and she's moving :-( apperntly it some place on like the other side of Tsawwassen, that kinda sux eh?) and she was telling me she's never moved before, same house whole like ( me too ) and now she really dosn't wanna move ( same) if i had to move i would freak! i love this house for one, and all my stuff is everywhere, it would take years to move!!

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