I can't Decide

Everyone i know is good at something, and maybe even great at something, and i can start with my class.
Amy and Claire can just jam all sorts of information into their heads, and even though they say its bad, get the most amazing marks, most impressive.
Amrita, just knows a lot about a lot of things, she can name the new line from one designer or another ( and unlike most people who are into it all like that) she can actually formulate her own opinion about it too
Callen is (from what i hear) an amazing horse back rider.
Mike is on the provincial team for Baseball
Jackson and Govinda sre both (again from what i hear) really good at Hockey.
then my friends:
Erica could lead a rock up a hill. Sha has an amazing aura about her that gives her this leader feeling, i know id follower her to the ends of the earth. shes also fluent in about 3 languages, and im sure could pick a few more up easy-peasy
Vanessa can play so many insruments, is fleunt in another language aswell, and i think knows more cultural references than anyone else on this list
all the cousins are absolutly fantastic at sports! they are so athletic (not only naturally(in genetics, though i dont know where from) but also jsut with all the sports they do, they cant help it.
mom is such a good seamstress, and lets face a great mom considering all that she went through(about 3 nervous breakdowns, raising 2 kids, taking care of 4 gradparents, and going through a divorce)
dad is so confident,(even when hes wrong) and and he does all that travelling and meets new people everyday and he does it so well.
Alex bikes and takes such pride in the army that i cna't help but admire his persistance in it.
basically im seeing a pattern...i do a lot of things a little well, but they all have something they are passionate about, or one thing they do really well. its no good to be ok at a whole bunch of things. when you try to really get into something, it dosen't srok because your either not good enough at it, or there are too many other things in the way that slow the whole process down.
if someone can decide that they are going to, for example, play hockey, then great! they can play hockey and do it really well, but i can't because i can't just decide on one thing, i need to do it all and as a result i get nothing done, it can really be upsetting!(finished at 11:38)

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