Monday Evening

Well I'm just going over my last week in my head and I just realized something... I can hardly remember Thursday night. I remember walking with **** ******* ( I protect those who don't know know they are on here) and then I don't but theres other stuff I remember too. I had fun... I think?
You can ask me about that stuff .
Its wierd because its totally messed up ( my memories are in a different order)
I do remember him asking me how much I had had to drink and I said not much but I guess that was a lie ( I had lost track)
he was laughing at me trying to balance on the beam (that was sad!)
good *mile
good *ody
great *ody and *mile
(Friends can ask about the *'s)
we walked to get the car and I remember "lets take this thing for a joy ride!"
then we got back to the school (in between there is a blur????Oops?)
then the a-hole returned its like "my public is watching!!"(I have to show off!
so annoying!
I'm not angry he broke my earrings, and he did feel bad about it
Theres something wrong with **** ( someone else) right Helen
ever since he got back, he's been different, scarier. Like he gonna snap. Its really scary!I don't think I'm gonna spend much time with him anymore .
well I'm done, if this was just way to out there and your confused email/message/call me/or leave a comment

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