Good Bye Dark Half

" The Dark Half" is my horse, and I'm forced to sell him. I mean i love him but honestly ive lost my nerve to ride, and my life is consistantly becoming more and more busy. I'm in grade 12 now and i have Provincials coming, and then next year im travelling or going to school, there just wont be enough time?.But, i've know flop( as he's more commonly know) since he was 3 hours old, and just learning how to really run, he was beautiful then. i bought him when he was a yearling, and he's going to turn 6 on february 14. i got him cheap because he's kinda deformed, which makes him all the more lovable.he has a tooth on his upper jaw and it makes a little bump on his head( i dont know if you know the steven king novel " the dark half" where the guy has a twin grow out of him, but it kinda looks like the eye.) anyways im just going down right now to spend time with him and im probably going to cry. im sorry but if youve never been around horses, or owned one youll proabaly thing im nuts, but im really going to miss that part of my life.

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