Boo's Bridal Shower

On Saturday I went to Boo’s Bridal shower.

Boo did something quite interesting with her shower(s). She had two.

The first one was for the ‘ladies’, which included the moms, grandmas, aunts, and from what I can gather, the ‘experienced’ ones.
My mom was invited to that one, and lovingly referred to it at the ‘old farts’ shower. They were asked to bring  a recipe card with favorite/no fail/perfect family recipe.
I’m sure it included a huge variety of dishes as Boo’s mom was from Mexico and her dad is from Newfoundland. There was the Irish contingent in attendance, as well as the old family friends from Greece. My mom, being fully aware of her downfalls in the kitchen, and under the impression that you can never make another persons ‘no fail’ recipe very well, gave Boo the very best advice, she could.

“What do I make for dinner?”
*turn card over*

A Classic mom, a classic!

Well the ‘sweet young things’ shower was on Saturday, and it certainly lived up to its name. the room was filled with SYT’s and I got to chat with a great group of ladies (or girls, not quite sure what we want to say here?).
While I had no obvious marital advice, but I was able to bring my (in my mind, world renowned) devilled eggs, and try out all the other delicious treats brought by everyone else!
The games turned a little competitive. There’s a reason I only play board games with other serious people. You only have to ask my sister-in-law about that time we played Trivial Pursuit to hear about my competitive nature. It’s not pretty. I ended up winning one of the games, but it was a hollow victory as the prize was chocolate, which I can’t really eat without getting a really bad stomach ache. The other games (including the classic toilet paper wedding dress ,modelled here by the two lovely bridesmaids) were as hilarious as they were creative.
The gifts were great and my personal favourite involved the bride answering questions about the groom. For every correct answer, she remained safe, for every wrong answer, she had to chew another piece of gum. By the end she had 4 or 5 pieces in her mouth, and while her breath was (I’m sure) minty fresh, he face painted another picture.
These were some of the questions and some of Boo’s answers:

  • What is [groom]’s favourite food that you cook him?
    • “I don’t cook.”
  • What did [groom] say is your favourite movie?
    • “The Lion King. No? What?! Well he’s wrong, everyone know my favourite movie is the Lion King”
  • What is [groom]’s favourite song?
  • What is [groom]’s favourite place to spent time with you?
  • What thing would [groom] burn in your closet if he could? (to be honest, I can’t remember if it was burn or just get rid of, but by the end Boo had turned it into burn)
  • What is [groom]’s favourite thing about you? (Physical thing I think)
  • What’s your favourite thing about [groom]?
  • When did [groom] know you were the one?

We were very excited about TP dress making
Quite possibly the worst (or most embarrassing) part of the party was during the gift giving. A few of us has decided to pool together and get an even better gift for Boo. Unfortunately for me, I misunderstood and thought that gift was going to be given at the shower, but no, it’s being given at the wedding. So when my name was called to give a gift, not only did I not have anything, I also dropped the ball, and now Boo knows some people are going in together for a gift for the wedding. Awkward!
My ‘awkward turtle’ moment wasn’t over yet though! Just as I was leaving and could have left the party fairly unscathed, I spilled the beans on the (apparently) secret events of the Stagette, even though Boo is a host on the Facebook event and nowhere does it say the event is a secret. I was baffled and holding my face in my hands by the end. While I had a great time, I was happy for that tyranny of awkwardness to be over.

All in all, I am definitely looking forward to going to the Stagette with these ladies! If this is what they are like at an afternoon tea, I can’t wait to see what goes down when you get a few drinks in them! I hope this time I can keep my shit together.

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