Poutine anybody?

My ever so lovely sister-in-law posted about a Poutine Festival today!

The presale tickets have already sold out, but rush tickets are available at the door for the afternoon and evening events an hour an half after doors open.

I think as a Canadian it's my duty to try to get in. I'm aiming for Sunday afternoon (So 1:30 on Sunday I am there!).

Who wants to join me?

While we wait for this glorious event to happen, please enjoy these photos of delicious, delicious poutine, and a photo of my enjoying some delicious but VERY hot Poutine in Quebec City

The VERY hot poutine culprit!

Is that a pork chop?

Bacon? Egg? Chives? Really not sure whats happening here?

Guacamole and Salsa, Great idea or blasphemy?

The Classic!

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          Anna Felicity

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