My various illnesses....problem solved!

So for those of you who know me, I get sick....a lot. It seems that any passing bug will take me down with avengence, and for a long time! Finally it's all figured out! I have something called Pluersey. In lamens terms it's a swelling of the lungs, and that means there isn't enough room in my chest cavity for my heart, and my heart gets pushed on. My lungs don't take in enough oxygen and then there is a lot of pain basically!! It really really hurts and it is bad! On top of that the doctors bluntly says I'm probably going to die young. We're not talking like next week, but in about 40 years when I'm 60, as opposed to when I'm 80+ which would be prefered. On the plus side though, I won't know. Think about it...would you know if you died young if you died young?
I am honestly so happy to get it all sorted! Finally I can say what it is, and I actually have an excuse not to run a marathon anytime soon! Thank God!

I'll tell more later, and now at least I should be abl to talk about smething other then my illnesses, and live a real live life, for the next 40 years at least.

There is one thing that hurts though, I'll probably never see my Grandchildren. That makes me a little sad. And if I get married late, I'll only be with the person for like half the time I could be. But all those things are in the future, and I'm alive now!!

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