Don't you just hate when people don't update their blogs for like EVER!! Me too, sorry...

So strangly enough I don't have the same sickness I did last post, but I'm slightly sick again. Don't you just hate those illnesses, where your not sick enough to really not do anything, but you definatly feel sick enough to do nothing! My plans today consist of watching TV, going to "Club Meat" with my Dad, which is really just where the local butcher cooks up the meat and sells sandwiches, filled with DELICIOUS, TASTY, JUICY, WONDERFUL meat and it is all good! After that I plan to go down to Vancouver to wish a big BON VOYAGE to of mine and my moms friend. A cruise down throught the Panama Canal, and then flying back to lovely Vancouver from Fort Laderdale. Of course all of my plans today could change and flip and reverse and be cancelled if the right people call, or right person.

Word of the Day for Saturday September 30, 2006
\PREH-shuhnt; -shee-uhnt; PREE-shuhnt; -shee-uhnt\,
Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen.

I am precient to the fact that my day will pan out as I have outlined it because that someone will not call me.

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